About the 'Great Reset'

Critics of the Great Reset agenda

An article in Forbes said the WEF's Great Reset agenda was "another example of wealthy, powerful elites salving their consciences with faux efforts to help the masses, and in the process make themselves even wealthier and more powerful."

Naomi Klein, in a December 2020 article in The Intercept, described the WEF idea as a "Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie." She said that it was simply a "coronavirus-themed rebranding" of things that the WEF was already doing and that it was an attempt by the rich to make themselves look good. Klein wrote that Schwab had given each meeting at Davos a theme since 2003. "The Great Reset is merely the latest edition of this gilded tradition, barely distinguishable from earlier Davos Big Ideas."

In his review of 2020 book co-authored by Schwab and Malleret—and the Great Reset agenda in general—Ben Sixsmith, a contributor to the Spectator USA, and Quillette, said that the Great Reset—a set of "bad ideas...adopted internationally by some of the richest and most powerful people in the world"—is "more terrifying" than the "sinister plot"—the conspiracy theory spread by "fringes of Right-Wing Twitter", and James Delingpole, who describes it as a 'global communist takeover plan'. Sixsmith described sections of the book as "earnest", glum, dutiful and bland. He questioned the concept of "stakeholder capitalism" as overly vague, allowing "Facebook, IBM, Lockheed Martin et cetera are free to interpret it quite as they wish".



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