Debunk And Discredit The Empire’s Propaganda: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

by Caitlin Johnstone

The empire expends so much of its wealth and energy on mass scale narrative control via propaganda not because it wants to, but because it needs to. This tells us that the best way to oppose the empire is to help debunk, discredit and break public trust in the narratives it works so hard to circulate.

If you say something seemingly innocuous to your friend and it triggers and upsets them, this tells you you’ve touched on a sensitive area they feel defensive about. Similarly, imperial narrative managers freak out at anyone who questions the empire’s Official Doctrine.

What are they guarding? They are guarding imperial narrative control, that’s what they’re guarding. They’re aggressively protecting their utterly essential ability to control the thoughts people think in their heads at mass scale, and in so doing they are inadvertently telling you where to find the weak parts in the armor of the machine.

The most effective way to resist imperialism is to help debunk and discredit the empire’s propaganda narratives. The most effective way to help advance imperialism is to help circulate the empire’s propaganda narratives.

The problem isn’t that we are ruled by tyrants, it’s that we’re ruled by tyrants and don’t know it. If we weren’t being manipulated at mass scale by propaganda away from a clear seeing of what’s going on, we’d eliminate tyrants as easily as you eliminate a mosquito on your arm.

When a normal person does something wrong, they admit it, apologize, take action to fix it, and take steps to make sure it never happens again. When a sociopath does something wrong, they rearrange narratives to try and make it look like they did something right. How our rulers handled Iraq says which one they are.

It’s nuts how the US is circling the planet with military bases, waging nonstop wars, sanctioning children to death and flirting with nuclear war and people are still like “We really need to do something about Cuba”.

People who call you a Russian agent or CCP propagandist for opposing US imperialism are admitting to being so fucking stupid that they can’t imagine any other scenario in which someone might oppose the worst behaviors of the most powerful and destructive government on our planet.

Mentally translate every single mass media news cycle into “Here are some reasons why you should believe it’s good for poverty and wars to continue while plutocrats rule over you with an iron fist.”

People don’t generally heal their inner trauma until they are in a safe, stable space which allows them to do so. Humanity as a whole desperately needs such a space to heal from countless generations of trauma. Socialism would be a good tool for providing ourselves such a space.

A big part of America’s ongoing mass shooting epidemic is due to Americans being the most propagandized population on the planet in the most warmongering nation on the planet. You can only twist and pummel the human psyche so much before it snaps, and you can only terrorize the rest of the world so much before you receive violence at home.

Hint: if one power is surrounding another power with military forces, then that power is the aggressor. Anything the other power then does on the world stage in response to this aggression is called “defense”, not “imperialism”.

It is an indisputable fact that Biden has picked up exactly where Trump left off on anti-Beijing hawkishness. If you don’t know this, it’s because you live in an echo chamber.

Elon Musk has a very unusual type of narcissism which causes him to think the world revolves around Elon Musk and also somehow causes millions of other people to think that too.

For a brief time there lived a species which spent its final moments hurtling toward climate collapse and nuclear war arguing about whether or not younger generations had gotten too “woke”.

Half of western natsec news stories these days boil down to “Unnamed officials claim imperialism-targeted nation did invisible bad thing for which the evidence is classified”.

Ever noticed how people who call themselves “realists” are usually the most unrealistic people in the conversation? They’re like “Yeah I’m a realist, I support continuing a political, economic and military model that’s about to get us all killed. Pretty sure that’s the best way.”

“I’m a realist, which means I support having the entirety of human behavior driven by the pursuit of imaginary numbers in a made-up economic system even if we have to destroy the ecosystem and nuke ourselves to death in the process.”

“I’m a realist, which means I support trying to advance urgently needed revolutionary changes through a political party that is deliberately set up to prevent such changes.”

False spirituality offers sedation and escapism from reality; it is very convenient for the powerful. True spirituality means expanding consciousness of reality: consciousness of our inner dynamics and outer dynamics which lead to suffering. Nearly all spirituality today is false.

False spirituality helps you hide the ugly truths within and without by offering comforting narratives and practices which help sedate your emotional body. True spirituality brings consciousness to those ugly truths, within and without, and brings them into the light to be seen.

The powerful benefit from false spirituality. They say “Use mindfulness and deep breathing exercises to help you cope with the stress of a meaningless, exploitative job!” They glorify meekness, obedience and poverty, and extoll us to forgive those who have committed great evils.

True spirituality is the last thing the powerful would ever want to go mainstream, because it means waking up to reality. It means no longer being able to tolerate untruth, in oneself or in society. The powerful thrive on untruth, on hiddenness: the opposite of of what true spirituality brings.

Humanity embracing true spirituality would mean a transformation in our relationship with mental narrative, which would be impossibly disruptive to the propaganda techniques the powerful use to propagandize us, and it would mean getting real with ourselves about the nature of our persecutors.

Dysfunction and consciousness cannot coexist. Where there is sufficiently deep awareness that something is dysfunctional, the dysfunction naturally moves toward health. True spirituality and corrupt power are therefore natural enemies, because true spirituality expands awareness.

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