Italian school teacher dies from thromboembolism 10 days after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

March 24, 2021


Ilaria Pappa, a teacher at the Mennella Institute in Ischia, died at the age of 31, at the Cardarelli in Naples, a few weeks after the first administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. According to 'Tele Ischia' the woman was affected by a thromboembolism (blood clotting). 

Goodbye Ilaria Pappa, teacher of Ischia: died at age 31 

For the young Neapolitan teacher, about ten days after receiving the vaccine dose, hospitalization was necessary. Shortly thereafter, her condition worsened. It was the school where she was serving announced her passing: “A very serious bereavement, unfortunately hit our school last night. Teacher Ilaria Pappa died at the Cardarelli in Naples, where she had been hospitalized for a few days for a sudden and devastating illness ”.

“She struggled to return to us, to embrace her Savior and her family, to see her students again. But she couldn't make it. In these days of terrible expectation we prayed and hoped for her but, despite her young age, last night she flew to heaven ”.

"Ilaria will now watch over our lives like an angel. The manager Giuseppina di Guida, the DSGA, the teachers, the ATA staff, the parents and the students are heartbroken and express their deep condolences to Salvatore Meglio (husband) and the whole family of the unforgettable Ilaria. May the immense pain by which we are overwhelmed be transformed into an infinite prayer for those who will be more alone from today. May the earth be light to you, dear Ilaria, we will not forget you ”.

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Posted by IIS Cristofaro Mennella on Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Google Translation:
"A terrible mourning sadly struck our school last night: Professor Ilaria Pappa died at the Cardarelli in Naples, where she had been admitted for some days for a sudden and devastating illness. He fought to come back to us, to hug his Savior and family again, to see his students again... but he couldn't make it. In these days of terrible wait we prayed and hoped for her but despite her young age she flew to heaven last night. Ilaria will now watch over our lives as an angel.
The Executive Giuseppina Di Guida, the DSGA, teachers, ATA staff, parents and students of the ′′ Cristofaro Mennella ′′ are heartbreaking and express their deep condolences to Prof. Salvatore Better and to the whole family of the unforgettable Ilaria. May the immense pain we are overwhelmed by turn into an infinite prayer for those who will be most lonely from today. May the earth be light on you, dearest Ilaria... we won't forget you."


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Posted by SIcomunicazione on Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Google Translation:
"+++ Mourning in the world of school: Ilaria Pappa, a young professor, dies at only 31 years old. She had undergone the vaccine +++
A 31-year-old professor, Ilaria Pappa, has died at Cardarelli Hospital in Naples a few weeks after receiving the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The woman, serving at Mennella school in Ischia, was admitted a dozen days after receiving the vaccine. According to TeleIschia reports, the professor died of a thrombo-embolism and later investigations shed light on the causes of death. The hospitalization was necessary - the island newspaper explains - due to the creation of an embolism. Conditions deteriorated as days passed until the dramatic epilogue took place on Tuesday, March 23"

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