Opposing US Imperialism Is A Moral Imperative: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re the sort of person who would have taken a stand against the Nazis in Germany, the answer is that you would have behaved however you’re behaving toward the murderous imperialist power of today, namely the United States government.

Words cannot describe my disdain for people who claim US imperialism is a “complicated” issue. It’s like, well, figure it the fuck out then asshole, you’re killing people. Isn’t it worth a few moments of your time to work out why they’re murdering people in your name?

Living in the US or one of its vassal states without opposing its imperialist warmongering is a morally indefensible position. “I just focus on domestic policy” is an illegitimate stance while your rulers are butchering human beings around the world.

I oppose western imperialism against China and Venezuela and they say it’s because I love communism.

I oppose western imperialism against Iran and they say I love theocracy.

I oppose western imperialism against Syria and Russia and they say I love autocracy.

Maybe I just oppose imperialism.

“I oppose ALL imperialism, not just western imperialism!”

So western imperialism and also imaginary fantasy world imperialism? Cool!

“I criticize all governments equally.”

Okay, well you’re a fucking idiot then. All things are not equal. Only one government is dominating the planet with nonstop military and economic warfare. It and its allies deserve more criticism than other governments.

Saying the US and China are equally bad is dumber than saying Nazis and Antifa are equally bad. Only one nation in the world is waging nonstop wars, circling the planet with hundreds of military bases, and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it. And it ain’t China.

China has the same government it had a few years ago. If you find yourself thinking more negative thoughts about China now, it’s not because it has been doing anything differently, it’s because you’ve been successfully propagandized.

Me: The western empire is running an aggressive and deceitful propaganda campaign against China.

My comments section: Okay but I don’t understand why you’re defending a government of genocidal organ harvesters who’s trying to take over the world and give me a social credit score.

If you oppose imperialism but are also parroting the US empire’s propaganda narratives about China, then you don’t oppose imperialism. The agenda to halt China’s rise is by far the single most crucial agenda for the empire, and you’re helping to grease the wheels for that agenda.

Imperialists are so, so happy that they get to call people questioning a major imperialist propaganda narrative “genocide deniers” now. You can see the glee in their tweets. Calling people “conspiracy theorists” has lost its punch since Russiagate, but now they have a new toy.

It sure would be nice if US liberals pushed as hard for an end to the Trump administration’s policies as they did for an end to the Trump administration.

Conservative pundit: Aha look at what I am doing to offend the liberals

The liberals: Rahh we feel offended by that thing he did

Imperialist mass murder: *continues unnoticed*


Our problems don’t exist because of some deep flaw in humanity as a whole, but in the fact that a few humans lack well-developed empathy centers in their brains and then go on to obtain positions of power and influence. Most people understand that it’s wrong to judge an entire ethnic or religious group for the negative actions of a few of its members, but too few see that this also applies to humanity as a whole. None of our problems are due to any flaw in human nature itself, but to the actions of a few manipulative sociopaths.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with humanity itself that is making a mess of things. The problem is that we’re swimming in lies that we’ve been indoctrinated into by liars who benefit from our remaining deceived. All our problems can be solved by moving from lies to truth.

There are no human-generated problems that can’t be solved by truth. The truth about imperialism. The truth about power. The truth about propaganda. The truth about mental narrative. The truth about consciousness. There’s nothing wrong with us, we’ve just been confused by lies.

And sure, you can say we’re flawed because we haven’t yet awakened en masse to the truth, but in my opinion that’s just unhelpful victim blaming. Like the “Why didn’t you leave sooner?” question abuse victims too often get. The blame rests on the abusers.

We are surrounded by constant radiant beauty and have no ultimate understanding about anything we experience. Awe and reverence is the only sane response to any given moment. It would be a shame to miss this.

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