34 Years old mother of 2 dies after AstraZeneca Vaccine

by examinerlive.co.uk & Phoebe Fuller | 16 April 2021

Damien Lockwood's wife Kimberley suffered a bleed on the brain days after having her coronavirus vaccine
Kimberley Lockwood died 10 days after getting her coronavirus jab

The heartbroken husband of a woman who died days after getting her Covid vaccine has paid tribute to the woman he said was "loved by everyone".

Kimberley Lockwood was just 34 when she died following a "catastrophic brain bleed" 10 days after having her AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, her shellshocked husband, Damien, said.

Kimberley, who lived in Rotherham (England), suffered from a condition called idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) which causes increased fluid pressure around the brain.

Damien, 41, told South Yorkshire Live that his wife had been managing the condition well with regular medication and hospital check-ups, but her symptoms had worsened a few days after getting her coronavirus vaccine.

He said: "Kim had the vaccine on March 14 and two days after she obviously had a bad headache, felt a bit coldy and symptoms like that.

"On March 22 she went to work as normal and I went to work but got a phone call near to the end of the working day and was told she was getting really bad headaches and her vision was going blurred."

Damien said that these symptoms are not uncommon in people with IIH and she would require a lumbar puncture, a procedure she has had multiple times before.

"The last time she had it done we came out of hospital at 2.30am and at 6.30 that same morning we were travelling to Eurodisney with the kids, so it's never been a massive procedure for her," Damien said.

But Kimberley's condition quickly deteriorated and that night she decided to go to A&E as her symptoms were worrying her.

Kimberley was taken to hospital by her brother so that Damien could stay at home and look after the couple's two children, Jayden, 13, and Jax, six.

But Kimberley ended up going back home without treatment, as she was not able to cope with the long wait alone. 

Damien said: "They said it was a two-hour wait and she also suffered anxiety and, while she was there, there was a bloke there with his hands down his pants and another bloke kicking off and it just got the better of her so she decided to come home.

"I think she got home about one in the morning and I went to work the next day and it was just a normal day. I'd thought that she might be okay as she'd had some sleep but she phoned me up around 7am to say she had to go back to A&E as she was now vomiting."

When Kimberley arrived at hospital, Damien said that a blood test found that she had a very low blood platelet count and would require a transfusion of vitamin K, which can help to increase a person's platelet count.

Kimberley was also told that she would need a lumbar puncture the following day.

But shockingly, the following day Damien received a phone call to say that he would need to come to the hospital to say goodbye - as Kimberley had suffered a "catastrophic" bleed on the brain and would not survive.

Kimberley with her husband Damien (Source: FB)

Damien said: "The night before I was telling Jayden that she was just having a lumbar puncture and I said "don't worry, she's had it plenty of times before and she'll be out tomorrow" and then the next day I had to tell him [that she wouldn't be coming home]."

Still stunned by his wife's sudden death, Damien said that he does not feel he has had a chance to "process it", as he had to return to work just days after Kimberley's death.

"I'm self-employed so if I don't work then I don't make money, so I literally had the Thursday, Friday and the Monday off and then had to get back to work for the kids, so I've not really had much time to process it", he said.

He added: "Some days it's not too bad and then some days you feel it and you realise she isn't coming home, which gets you. It's hit everybody that hard, it's unbelievable."

Paying tribute to his wife, Damien described her as someone that "everybody loved" as she would "light up a room".

Kimberley with her son (Source: FB)

He said: "We've been together 12 years, I met her in May and by August we were engaged because she was just that sort of person that everyone loved.

"Her main thing was anything for the kids, we're really family-oriented and she loved going away with the family, we've had quite a few big, family holidays and that was one of the main reasons she wanted the injection, so she could on family holidays.

"She loved her music too and was one of the first and last on the dance floor at parties - she was really fun-loving."

Damien and the rest of Kimberley's family are currently awaiting the results of an autopsy and inquest so that they can find out if the vaccine impacted her death.

An online fundraiser for Kimberley's family has been launched by one of her friends and if you would like to donate you can do so here.



Update: 12 May 2021

Late Kimberley Lockwood with her son

Below Husband Damien Kimberley's Facebook post (12 May 2021), re. his wife's death:

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