Clive Haddon: 74-year-old Australian man dies after vaccine caused blood clots

by TheCovidBlog |  25 May 2021    

Late William Haddon with his daughters (FB)

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — A 74-year-old man is dead after Australia doctors literally watched him suffer and die without intervening.

Mr. William Clive Haddon received the experimental AstraZeneca viral vector shot on or around May 1, according to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). His daughter, Michelle Haddon, aka Lexi Logan on Facebook, tells the story from there – a story that sounds like a real-life dystopian novel.

Mr. Haddon experienced severe abdominal pain and had blood clots in his urine on May 13. An ambulance took him to Modbury Hospital. But doctors dismissed his condition as a simple urinary tract infection, gave him antibiotics and sent him home. Mr. Haddon continued bleeding and suffering for the next 24 hours. He went back to Modbury Saturday morning, May 15. This time they removed blood clots from his urinary tract, meaning it was blocked completely and he was enduring excruciating pain. Doctors refused to give him pain medication.

He was transferred (“handballed [off]” as Michelle described it) to Lyell McEwin Hospital later that evening. A nurse gave him what amounts to Tylenol when he was suffering excruciating pain and obviously needed something stronger. No test were performed to determine the cause of the bleeding. When Mr. Haddon asked when tests would be done, the nurse, according to Michelle, said “don’t cause any trouble” and that he’d be tested “maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday, who knows, it’s the weekend.”

Michelle told the nurse that her father received the AstraZeneca shot a few weeks prior. The nurse shrugged it off and said she had the shot too and nothing was wrong with her.

Nightmare continues

The hospital ordered Michelle and Mr. Haddon’s wife to leave because visiting hours were over. Mr. Haddon suffered a stroke at Lyell McEwin thereafter, but received no treatment until hours later. He continued bleeding profusely and enduring excruciating pain.

Mr. Haddon was transferred yet again to Royal Adelaide Hospital. Doctors discovered more blood clots in his brain and performed emergency surgery that uncovered brain damage from the stroke. But the surgery failed to clear the blood clots and improve his condition. Michelle again told the nurses that her father received the AstraZeneca shot. They, again, shrugged it off as nothing.

Mr. Haddon was moved to the intensive care unit on Monday, May 17. Michelle spoke to the ICU doctor, and he had no idea what was going on with her father. Modbury Hospital sent no information to Royal Adelaide and the entire communication chain with all of the hospitals was a complete failure, deliberately or otherwise. Mr. Haddon was placed on a ventilator that afternoon. He passed away last Thursday or Friday.

Daughter Michelle Haddon's (aka, Lexi Logan) Facebook post (text below)

My Dad William Clive Haddon was taken to the Modbury Hospital by ambulance late Thursday night with severe abdominal pain and profusely bleeding and blood clotting from his urinary tract. He was sent home with a suspected urinary tract infection and told to get antibiotics. He bled and suffered for another day and was taken back to the Modbury Hospital by ambulance on Saturday morning. He had to have blood clots removed from his urinary tract and was in immense agony as he wasn't allowed any pain medication. After persevering through a blunder of inadequate care he was transferred (handballed) to the Lyell McEwin Hospital at around 5pm. Triage was extensively delayed and not tests were done to see where his bleeding was coming from. Once this disgrace of a sideshow was over he was given minimal pain medication and was told he couldn't have anything stronger although still having major abdominal contractions. The nurse told him to not cause any trouble over the night as her shift was ending and she wouldn't get much sleep and she'd be back in the morning to hear about it. He asked when he would have any test to see what was happening and she said maybe tomorrow maybe Monday who knows its the weekend. I informed her that he had had his Covid Vaccine and she shrugged and said yeah I've had mine too and it didn't bother me. His wife and I were told to leave the hospital after visiting hours although no information was given on what was happening. Just before we left he had a really bad cramping pain which was agonising for myself to watch and when it subsided he said he wanted his light left on so he could try and read his newspaper The Australian because he knew he wasn't going to get any sleep. It then took 3 hours to transfer my Dad who had a stroke in a hospital, untreated to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He suffered major damage to his brain all the while still bleeding into what he sarcastically referred to the day before being his rose bag. They performed an operation to clear the blood clots in his brain which was unsuccessful. Information and communication or lack of from participating hospitals only added to the lack of fastness or even knowledge of what to do for him added to the undue care that had been administered. Told once again to a nurse that he had the Covid vaccine to which I got a shoulder shrug reply. (I have this on video) Then began a long and torturous day and night of insurmountable pain, agitation and what I can only describe as a hell of a fight to live and breathe. He was moved to the ICU in the early hours of Monday morning. When I spoke with the ICU doctor he had no idea of all this information and had to follow up to find out, no information from Modbury Hospital has been given to us at this stage. Monday afternoon he was put on a ventilator and has been hanging on like the bloody trooper he is.

My Dad is True Blue Aussie and deserves more respect than this disgraceful service the SA Health Departments have provided, all the while trying to disregard and sweep the Covid vaccine under the rug. Well that is NOT going to happen and he may not be able to speak but my voice will not be silenced.

Tag away and talk it up because this should not happen to anyone. This man is not a statistic, He is My Dad!
This is not a urinary infection Modbury Hospital and it is not good enough!! What duty of care??!!



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