Dana Ottmann: 32-year-old German psychologist develops blood clots, dead 12 days after AstraZeneca Vaccine

 by TheCovidBlog  | May 19, 2021

Dana Ottmann

HERFORD, NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA — A 32-year-old woman is dead and her mother is pointing to the obvious culprit.

Ms. Dana Ottmann received the first dose of experimental Oxford-AstraZeneca viral vector on February 25, according to Welt TV in Berlin. She experienced severe headaches the next day. But it was chalked up as normal since she had suffered from migraines since childhood. Ms. Ottmann also reportedly told the vaccine administrator about her pre-existing condition, but was given the shot anyway.

The headaches and severe exhaustion continued, with Ms. Ottman thinking everything was fine. But she became so weak that she missed work on March 7 and 8. Her mother, Ms. Petra Ottmann, tried contacting Dana the morning of March 9 on WhatsApp and by phone, but got no answer. She went to Dana’s house and found her dead in the bathroom.

Mother on a mission

Petra immediately blamed the AstraZeneca shot for her daughter’s death. But she sensed a coverup almost immediately as she tried to get health and legal authorities to listen. Petra told the Westfallen-Blatt that everyone tried to deflect attention away from the AstraZeneca shot. Like her daughter, Petra also suffered from migraines so could relate to her daughter’s experience.

Petra was in a migraine group that helps people cope with and talk about their chronic pain with others. She told one of the administrative doctors at the group that Dana’s headache was different this time and something more was wrong. But the doctor said he did not want to “stir up panic” and dismissed Dana’s headaches as normal migraines.

Health authorities say death caused by AstraZeneca shot

Ms. Ottmann died from blood clots in her brain caused by the AstraZeneca shot, according to health authorities in the Herford District. An excerpt from the full statement reads in part:

The results of the Institute for Immunology and Transfusion Medicine at the University of Greifswald show that an immune reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine led to the death of the woman. The cause of death was therefore a coagulation disorder with bleeding into the brain.

Dana had to get the shots because she worked in the medical field. Petra said she wasn’t necessarily “anti-vaxx.” But Petra said the AstraZeneca shot had far too little data available to force anyone to take it that early in the process.

Germany vaccine rollout

Only people in “priority groups” are currently eligible for experimental mRNA and viral vector shots in Germany. Restrictions will be lifted on June 7, making everyone over age 16 eligible thereafter. Germany has a vaxx-fanatic population similar to the United States.

There are reports of people calling clinics hundreds of times through busy lines trying to get appointments. People are said to be “cutting in line” in some instances. The German government is dictating freedoms to those who get the shots, similar to how the CDC and Fauci believe they do there. Thus many Germans, subconsciously or otherwise, correlate the shots with getting back to normal.

One of the first stories on The COVID Blog covered the deaths of 10 nursing home residents in Langen Germany. They all died within four days after the first Pfizer shot. A whistleblower told the good Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about 31 nursing home residents in Berlin dying after forced Pfizer shots in February. But real news about the experimental shots is otherwise heavily-censored in Germany.



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