Natalia Johnson: 37-year-old professional ballerina dead two weeks after COVID-19 Vaccine

by TheCOVIDBlog.com  |  20 May 2021  

 World renowned dancer, Natalia Johnson died on May 7, at the age of 37.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — A 37-year-old world-renowned ballerina is dead and experimental COVID-19 shots are again coincidentally part of the equation.

Ms. NaTalia Johnson received her first vaccine on March 13 (according to her sister, Kandice), and the second one, 6 weeks later, on April 24, according to her Facebook page. We could not confirm which shot she received. 

On May 7, Ms. Johnson returned home from work at Leataata Floyd Elementary School at around 9:30 p.m., according to her sister Candida Johnson, aka Kandice Kelly. Natalia told Kandice that she did not feel good and needed to see a doctor. But Natalia said she’d rather go in the morning.

The two sisters were watching a movie together when Natalia said, “I’m really tired.” Suddenly NaTalia sat up “with a shocked look on her face” and reached her arms out to her sister. Kandice laid Natalia on the floor and began CPR when her sister stopped breathing. Paramedics arrived and took over. But it was too late. Natalia Johnson, known as “Ms. Natalia” to her students, passed away minutes later. (on May 7, 2021)

Kandice told the whole story on Youtube.

The aftermath

Kandice said her sister likely died of “a stroke, brain aneurysm or a heart attack.” Coincidentally or otherwise, numerous victims we’ve covered on this website had strokesaneurysms and/or heart attacks after experimental COVID-19 shots. They also all coincidentally died within a few days or a few weeks after the shots. Kandice makes no mention of the “vaccine,” and neither do media accounts.

Ms. Johnson was a prima ballerina, meaning the lead dancer in all performances. She retired in 2013 and opened the Natalia Johnson Conservatory of Ballet (NJC). A GoFundMe page is raising funds to keep the conservatory up and running. Ms. Johnson performed all over the United States and Europe. She performed for Michael Jackson, Prince and two U.S. presidents.




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