Georgia woman speaks out after having 'adverse' reaction to J&J vaccine

by Jamie Kennedy (cbs46.com)  - 9 April 2021  

Sarah Moore talks about her ordeal after J&J vaccine

A Cumming (Forsyth County, Georgia, United States) local says she’s still processing the last few days being bedridden after having a frightening reaction to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

“It’s scary because you know passing out once is not my concern it’s you know passing out multiple times and then having a 103.5 degree fever, two days after that,” said 25-year-old Sarah Moore. 

She is one of eight people who had an adverse reaction, on the same day, at the same DPH site at the Cumming Fairgrounds.

“Within two to three minutes I knew I was going to pass out, my limbs started going numb, my face went numb,” said Moore. 

The state's Department of Health paused J&J vaccines at the Cumming site.

DPH Commissioner Dr. Kathleen Tommey said they are looking at what may have caused the reactions, including the conditions at the fairgrounds such as heat and the ability to keep the site cool. Heat, Sarah said, had nothing to do with it.

“It was not hot out, it was maybe, not even 70 degrees I don’t think, I was in a hoodie and jeans and feeling very comfortable.”

Sarah said after initially passing out she awoke lying across three chairs and saw another person feeling extremely ill. 

“There was a girl about 15 feet away from me and she was getting transported out on a stretcher," she said. 

Colorado, Iowa, and North Carolina also suspended J&J vaccines at at least one site because of reactions.

The CDC responded with a statement reading, the CDC performed vaccine lot analyses and has not found any reason for concern. Right now, they are not recommending health departments stop administering any lots of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sarah tells CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy she passed out a total of 3 times during her ordeal and that she does not have any underlying or previous health conditions. And says if she had her time over, she would consider one of the other vaccines or waiting till more research is available.


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