Michele Merlo (Mike Bird) Dies 3 months after receiving pre-trial Covid19 Vaccine


Michele (Mike) lost his life to a severe and sudden version of Leukemia

The death of Michele Merlo, aka Mike Bird, has shaken many hearts in Italy. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter, who became famous after taking a part in XFactor and Amici, will be greatly missed by his family and fans. No one was prepared to lose him and the name of the sudden illness that took him away in the space of five days spread like wildfire when everyone was still hoping he would recover.

His death is now in the spotlight because of the question of whether the pre-trial Covid19 vaccine he received 3 months ago in a group of 90 volunteers could have triggered a fatal reaction in the body.

Merlo's father also mentions a worrying detail: Michele had already been taken to the emergency room the day before he was admitted and had been discharged after a brief examination, the outcome of which was incongruous (a mild form of virus) with the seriousness of what followed.

For this reason, the Bologna local health authority has opened an internal investigation to assess whether there were any failings in the assessment of his health.


This is one of Michele's (Mike) singing performances at Amici: 


Michele Merlo (Credit: Instagram )

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