Peter Spann: 54-year-old Australian filmmaker dead two months after AstraZeneca Vaccine

 TheCOVIDBlog.com  - June 8, 2021  

SYDNEY — A 54-year-old Australian filmmaker and businessman is dead despite acknowledging all the dangers surrounding the COVID-19 “vaccines” and having pre-existing conditions.

Mr. Peter Spann received his first dose of experimental AstraZeneca viral vector on March 25, according to his Facebook page. He confirmed it was the AstraZeneca shot in subsequent comments. Mr. Spann reported headaches and a fever that got progressively worse for a few days. But he said the symptoms resolved themselves days thereafter.

Mr. Spann and a Facebook friend named Brian Gillett had a back and forth discussion about the experimental shots, deaths and adverse reactions. After a long string of comments, Mr. Spann responded with his reasoning for getting the AstraZeneca experimental shot. He acknowledged that the shots were still in clinical trials and that he possibly would suffer adverse reactions. But he said it was the best decision for himself because he would probably die of COVID-19 if he caught it.

It is unlikely Mr. Spann received the second dose of AstraZeneca viral vector, as the Australian Department of Health recommends 12 weeks between the two shots. That would have put him on schedule to get the second injection on or around June 25. But he never got the chance.

Mr. Spann did not report any further adverse effects related to the shot. He seemed to be operating normally in life, and published his last Facebook post on May 22. Sometime in the days thereafter, Mr. Spann fell gravely ill. He was admitted to an intensive care unit and had unsuccessful surgery. Mr. Spann passed away on May 30.

Who was Peter Spann?

Mr. Spann authored a book entitled “Wealth Magic.” He had a website that talks about how he started investing in 1989 and was a multi-millionaire by 1996. Mr. Spann “bought his first Ferrari at age 25” and “owned 14 of them” throughout his life, according to his website. He helped build and manage several businesses, and sold business coaching courses. Mr. Spann also wrote and produced several films.

He wrote blog posts on his website that are a bit ironic. Mr. Spann wrote one post entitled “I don’t want to die” on July 1, 2019. He was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy at the age of 23 and given only two years to live, according to his own account. The condition causes heart muscles to become abnormally thick and thus harder to pump blood. That is why he speaks so much about his life’s indulgences.

Mr. Spann wrote another post entitled “Peter Spann 2016 or 2016 You Can Go Now.” His heart condition apparently flared up and he suffered heart failure. That landed him in the hospital. A segment of the blog post reads as follows:

It’s easy to be grateful when your life is full of Ferraris, good looking women, first class travel and what not (as you all know, LOL), much harder when you’re in the back of an Ambulance and they are plugging in tubes, wires and so on, when the things that are supposed to make you happy actually have you reeling into the deep blackness of depression and grief, and you no longer answer “Unknown” numbers.

His funeral services are still being finalized as of publishing.

Blood clots in the heart?

It’s reasonable to surmise that Mr. Spann likely exacerbated his existing heart condition by getting injected with an experimental viral vector shot. Granted he says he’d experienced heart failure and survived. But apparently many patients live 20 years or longer after heart failure. The suddenness of his death screams blood clots in the heart or brain. But of course the AstraZeneca shot will not be mentioned by anyone in his circle.

Mr. Spann said he did his research and got the shots anyway. That is simply mind-boggling considering he already was living with the condition he had. Give the man props for living as long as he did, succeeding in so many industries, and apparently being happy. Who knows if he’d still be alive today if he hadn’t injected himself with the experimental shot. But it certainly helped nothing, as there are no tangible benefits to receiving any of these shots.

Nobody should roll up their sleeves for the lethal injections. But anyone with a condition similar or worse than Mr. Spann’s and receives the shots, has death wishes. It’s not noble. It’s not doing a good deed. All you’re accomplishing by receiving these shots is showing your obedience and follower mentalities.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.



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