6 feet small intestine removal after massive blood clot caused by AstraZeneca Vaccine

 13 May 2021

Shaun Mulldoon with his family in happier and healthier times. (Credit: FB)

I really wish they had let us know what “worse case scenario” might look like...
If you, or if any of your friends or family have received Astrazeneca vaccine....
I had stomach pains 10 days later (Monday)
They continued for 5 more days
Spoke to my family doctor twice, on Monday, and again 4 days later on Friday
Had a negative covid test Wednesday
17 days after my vaccine ended up going into emergency surgery to remove over 6 feet of my small intestine. I had a massive blood clot.
Second surgery two days later to remore more. My surgeon told me it was very close
If you received Astra and do not feel 100%, get yourself to emergency immediately!!!
Still in hospital a week later


Shaun Mulldoon's FB post.

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