Shawn Vidiella: Moderna Vaccine Injury

Courtesy/ Shawn Vidiella FB page

Shawn Videla Facebook page

"As most of you know I took the vaccine on 4th January 2021. Since then my life has forever changed! I have lost many friends, most of my co workers have abandoned me. My job terminated me! Everything I loved to do I can no longer enjoy, my family is suffering! I miss my job, my patients, that was my calling! It has all been taken from me and American Senior Communities, Good Samaritan Home and Rehabilitative Center dropped me like I was nothing! Workmans comp denied me even though my DON told me to go to the Er. It’s on my chart I’m allergic to the moderna vaccine yet can’t get a real diagnosis or any medical help! Bills continue to pile up as we’ve gone from 2 incomes to 1. Please continue to pray as I’m 5 months in today! I have attached a video (below) that holds who I was, who I am, and what this jab has left me like! My go fund me link as we need all the help we can get! Pray, and share!!! No matter what I hope the ones that dropped me appreciate that I continue to fight for you! I continue to speak out and hope to stop this mandate so you don’t end up like me!"

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