Utah mom blames COVID vaccines after her 17-year-old athlete son and her husband were BOTH hospitalized with rare blood clots after getting Pfizer and Moderna shots

17 June 2021

A mother in Utah is blaming COVID-19 vaccines after her 17-year-old son and her husband were both hospitalized with rare blood clots soon after receiving the shots.

'There's no other explanation for what happened to my son and my husband, we are pretty certain that it was a direct result of the vaccine,' Cherie Romney said in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday.  

In the interview with Fox host Tucker Carlson, Romney said that her family had felt pressured to get the vaccines out of fear they would be required for school sports or travel.

Transcript of the Interview:

So, way back in January, just when the vaccines had come out, a physician called Gregory Michael died of a brain hemorrhage 16 days after taking Pfizer's COVID vaccine. Since then, health officials have been proving a link between the vaccine and blood clotting and in fact, the Biden administration's own numbers suggest that more than 5,000 people have died from taking the vaccine.

You can argue whether or not that's true, but you can't argue it is not worth following up on, and it hasn't been by anybody. Meanwhile, the AstraZeneca vaccine has not been administered in many countries including here in the U.S. in part because scientists believe it can cause fatal bleeding.

So, the question is, how widespread are these problems? No one is reporting on this. Again, we're not saying vaccines are bad, we believe vaccines are good, and some people should take vaccines. But we believe in telling the truth. Period.

Cherie Romney has firsthand evidence of the harm that they can do. She says members of her family experienced blood clotting after taking the COVID vaccine and we're happy to be joined by her tonight. Mrs. Romney, thanks so much for coming on tonight.


CARLSON: Now, I know from reading your pre-interview that you're in favor of vaccines. You've taken vaccines. You've obviously encouraged your family, so it's not a question whether vaccines are good or bad. It is a question because most people including me think they're good.

But in the case of this vaccine, what do you believe the effect on your husband and your son has been?

ROMNEY: Well, there's no other explanation for what happened to my son and my husband so, we are pretty certain that it was a direct result of the vaccine.

My son and my husband formed blood clots. My son formed blood clots, three blood clots, two in his brain and my husband formed over 100 in his lungs.

CARLSON: Now, first of all, I'm sorry. That's awful and it's devastating, and of course it's life-threatening.

But tell us the circumstances under which they took the vaccines in the first place. How old is your son? Was he at risk? Did he have pre-existing health problems?

ROMNEY: No. My son is 17 years old. He is an athlete. He was an athlete he was an elite athlete. He was a very -- a varsity basketball player on his basketball team.

We went in to get the vaccines, my husband, myself and I because he travels a lot and because there's a lot of talk about these vaccine cards, things like that, so we felt a lot of pressure to go get the vaccines.

So, we thought let's hurry and go get that done before the summer season of basketball starts.

He is not in any risk category whatsoever.

CARLSON: So you --

ROMNEY: Well, on the 21st --

CARLSON: I'm sorry. Just to be clear, you were pressured into getting the vaccines that --

ROMNEY: Oh definitely. Definitely. It wasn't something we were worried about. I didn't think that there was a chance that my son or my husband or myself really we're going to experience some significant side effects from COVID itself, especially my son and my husband because they are really healthy, and my son, being an athlete and only 17 years old wasn't in a high risk category. But we did feel pressured to administer the vaccine to them because of that travel, because of those tournaments, because of the talk in these different states about needing to have vaccines or you can't participate in some of these things. So, we did feel that pressure.

So, on the 21st of April, we went in and the three of us got our COVID vaccines, our first COVID vaccines. I want to make that really clear, it was the first COVID vaccine. That very night, my son began to complain of swelling in his neck. The swelling continued to develop and by the fifth day, the morning of the fifth day, he could not move his head or his neck without assistance from his hands.

We took him into the pediatrician, the pediatrician said it has nothing to do with the shot. It really doesn't. They think it's a pulled neck muscle. Eight days later, my son was in the pediatric ICU with three blood clots, two in his brain and one in his neck.

And the very weekend after he was released from the hospital, my husband was admitted to the hospital with over a hundred blood clots in his lungs.

CARLSON: I'm really sorry and I hope they recover. I know that they're still in trouble and I just -- I can't overstate Americans should never be forced to take medicine they don't want or need. Period. Under any circumstances.

ROMNEY: And if I can say that my son, it actually turns out that my son, we found out on the eighth day that he was in the hospital, my son had nucleocapsid antibodies, so he had had a recent infection unbeknownst to myself, my husband, or my son, and he had recovered from COVID. He had natural antibodies.

So, we gave him a vaccine that was not medically necessary and put him in harm's way. A single blood test would have shown that he didn't need those -- that he didn't need that vaccine.

CARLSON: So, many American families are going through this right now. Colleges are forcing this on kids who have been infected and recovered. It is a scandal and I appreciate your coming on tonight.

Cherie, thank you so much and Godspeed to your family.

ROMNEY: Thank you.

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