Group of almost 30,000 people share their stories of adverse effects and deaths from the vaccine

Alvaro Colombres Garmendia (TheBL) - 7 July 2021

A private Facebook group called ‘Victims and families of the COVID 19 vaccine’ with barely two months since it was created already has almost 30 thousand members and more than 200 publications from people who suffered adverse effects or who are relatives of those who suffered from the COVID vaccine.

The only reason why the group has not been censored on Facebook is that as it is private, the information published does not have the chain effect of public publications.

However, each post has Facebook’s disclaimer: “COVID-19 vaccines undergo many tests for safety and efficacy, and are then closely monitored”. Source: WHO.”

However, according to lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who together with a group of scientists is suing governments, laboratories, and doctors involved in mass vaccination campaigns for violating the Nuremberg code, experimental vaccines against the CCP Virus have not gone through preclinical tests to analyze the risks. In 2004 there were clinical trials with the technology used in the COVID vaccines, mRNA, and all the animals died, Fuellmich said.

The number of adverse effects reported in the group is so extensive and the stories of those who lost loved ones is so heartbreaking.

The vast majority of members do not identify themselves as ‘anti-vaxxers’ but come to the group to ask if the adverse effects they are experiencing have been experienced by anyone else and what they did to alleviate the side effects or cure themselves.

Apparently, all members are British although many of their profiles do not have information on where they reside.

Although the mainstream media did start to report some cases of deaths of people who had the vaccine, compared to the number of stories shared in this group, what can be seen in the media is but a drop in the ocean.

Mara told the story of her 21-year-old daughter, a medical student who works in a hospital and because she was in that environment, she decided to get vaccinated.

“Pfizer vax second dose in March, she was sick following dose for several days with an extremely high fever. Then all hell started breaking loose bit by bit. When it began, she had pain in her wrist, numb fingers and palm on her right side. Then it moved to the right leg. Then a day later she could barely move her joints and lost most of her strength and small motor skills”, Mara wrote.

“Now she’s tested positive for 11 autoimmune diseases. My daughter was spunky, happy healthy 21 year old pre med college student now her world has been turned upside down,” the mother lamented.

Many people who share their stories have aspects in common: people around them, their own families, call them ‘crazy’ for daring to say that what happened to them was because of the coronavirus vaccine. And also, the doctors refuse to say that it was a reaction to the vaccine, so they feel alone, or at least bewildered, and do not know where to turn.

The stories of the victims and their families

“The hospital has finally said my wife did die from the vaccine and they will tell the coroner for the inquest. Three months since her death, it took to get the answers. I do know my wife has saved lots of people’s lives in my area, with clots from the vaccine, they know what treatment to use,” Ian wrote.

“In my eyes she is a Saint. I did find out that she had a 300cm yes 300 cm clot in the artery to the bowel. Along with PE. She didn’t stand a chance. Found out that if they took the clot out. It can replicate somewhere else, so it’s a losing battle with these clots. These vaccines are killing machines,” Ian wrote.

Kathryn Anne, says her father died on April 28 of a heart attack, just days after receiving a dose of Moderna. Before he was vaccinated, at a routine medical checkup, all the results came back clear. She explains that she began researching the adverse effects of the Moderna vaccine and found that there is a link between the vaccine and heart attacks.

Nevertheless, Kathryn wrote, “everybody thinks I’m crazy for questioning if his death was related to the jab.”

But Kathryn’s ordeal didn’t end there. Her sister died in early May after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“She was in ICU within days of the shot, then ventilator, and died May 2. Four days after my dad. She was 49, no health problems, 4 kids, they claimed she had ‘covid pneumonia.’ But after digging deep and researching Johnson and Johnson, severe lung damage, lung complications, symptoms exactly what my sister experienced and specifically with her age, is what I found to be one of the most highly correlated.”

Janice relates that her husband developed a rash over 90% of his body, and in addition “he developed a DVT blood clot in his leg, and two weeks later a pulmonary embolism which required a 5-day hospitalization. Also, he developed an infection in his leg. He had also developed tremors.”

Jullian, who looks in her fifties, recounted that she and her husband developed sudden bipolar symptoms out of nowhere and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Lynette explains that she lost up to 60% of her hair after the vaccine.

Don questions why his wife, after at least two months of the vaccine, began to lose sensation in her limbs and now can barely walk. Doctors ruled out that it was the vaccine because ‘it was too long’.

Pamela reports that her daughter’s husband urinated blood clots two months after the vaccine but did not specify which brand of vaccine was given.

Traci relates that her husband’s iron level dropped abruptly: “I took him today to get his first of two iron infusions. I feel this may be a negative side effect of the jab. Has anyone else had a low iron level after receiving this poison? He has also since been diagnosed with Parkinson’s (shaking like crazy) and he is staying anemic.”

The stories are numerous.

Among other symptoms they shared are, profuse and continuous menstruation, loss of vision, extreme fatigue, paralysis, shingles, difficulty breathing, etc.

Due to the inappropriate way these cases are being reported globally, mass vaccination around the world continues to be pushed by governments, with the help of the media and health ‘authorities’.




This is Mara's 21-year-old daughter, a medical student who had Pfizer's second dose vaccine in March. “Now she’s tested positive for 11 autoimmune diseases. My daughter was spunky, happy healthy 21 year old pre med college student now her world has been turned upside down,” the mother lamented.

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