Documenting Devastating Vaccine Injuries (Australia)

 by Our Voices Matter (t.me/OurVoicesMatter)  | 14 Aug 2021

By Alan Hashem

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support you have given us thus far.

We are honoured to bring a voice to these people and their families, and hope that their stories will show the reality of the risks associated with these 💉 and encourage people to do more research before making an informed choice.

Please share this far and wide. We need you to do your part in ensuring all of Australia sees this and raise mass awareness across our country.

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Thank you for doing your part and supporting this crucial cause.

Thank you also to our Journalist Rita Rizk:


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📝 We would like to note that the original images given to us of Michelle and friends were supplied to us by Michelle and consent was not obtained from other parties. Since this time, we have been contacted by her friends asking that we ensure to make it clear that they are not affiliated with our cause in any way. Our aim is to work with all members of our community so we have had discussions with them and agreed to include this statement on our post. All due diligence will occur moving forward to ensure no images are provided without consent.📝


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