The Awareness Foundation Covid 19 Roundtable

By  www.awareness.foundation  - Posted on  July 30, 2021  

Fourteen of the worlds highest-profile doctors, all specialists in their own fields, come together to discuss the dangers that we all face from the Covid 19 pandemic. They discuss in detail the merits and the dangers posed by the vaccines that are being rolled out and pushed onto society.

Hear their honest opinions and learn about the censorship that they have all faced from speaking out. Discussing together in one place for the first time, learn from the experts and heed their warnings.

Presented by Katherine Macbean of The Awareness Foundation

Featuring the following specialist:

Professor Dolores Cahill

Dr Ryan Cole

Dr Richard Fleming

Dr Dmitry Kats

Dr Tess Lawrie

Dr Li-Meng Yan

Dr Robert Malone

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr Lee Merritt

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Richard Urso

Dr Sam White

Dr Vladimir Zelenko

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  1. Why has the The Awareness Foundation posted an incomplete website address??? I cannot find a clear home or identity for this entity? 'www.awareness.foundation' has no actual destination on the web, yet it is in the closing credits of the video...

    1. The full URL is -> https://inoneplace.com/the-awareness-foundation/

  2. Thanks to Dr. Mercola's newsletter I received this and watched the discussion. I am SO GRATEFUL to Katherine (and those behind the scene) for creating this, and for steering & moderating this urgently needed action. Personalities and small quibbles need to be put aside so these medical experts can generate a powerful global coalition with ONE BIG VOICE. It's a small group of dedicated individuals that always creates the change; individuals may create a spark, but it takes a committed group to turn that into a compelling force that spreads across the planet and affects real change. We need all of you to keep your eyes on the finish line here! NO EGOS. BE OF SERVICE.

    I like the idea suggested of a writing a broadly worded declaration, that goes for it ALL, while allowing for smaller measures. If you ask for just a little, you will get nothing. Also, you're writing the document not only for governing bodies, but also on behalf of those of us who have critical thinking skills and functioning bullshit meters and who need support to hold the line on the ground. Educating the general public, including the vaxxed, will also be an outcome...hopefully. I hope you will use clear, concise bullets for much of the document, so it's reader friendly.
    ~Wishing you Godspeed,