CDC and FDA vaccine committee members should resign for failing to spot safety signals

by Steve Kirsch - 29 Sep 2021  

I tried to tell them that there were huge safety signals being generated in VAERS and that the CDC detection algorithm was flawed. They ignored me.
So now they get to star in their own video where I expose the total incompetence of all the committee members. Not only did they FAIL to spot over 1,000 safety signals on their own, but even after it was expressly pointed out to them, they couldn't recognize them either.
This is unacceptable. They should all resign. America deserves better than this.
On Sep 29, I asked Chair Grace Lee to respond to what I said. I will post her response if I ever hear back from her. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

13 minute version: https://tv.gab.com/channel/stkirsch/view/tfnt9-cdc-and-fda-vaccine-committees-6154bf93b0345e2e113a1e15

Slides: https://www.skirsch.com/covid/TFNT9.pdf

Victims of this: https://rumble.com/vmpbh3-38132823.html

Research behind this:

Evidence backing this up:

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