Cienna Knowles

23 Oct 2021 

(Gosford - NSW - Australia)

Another tragic story from Cienna Knowles, a young 19 year old lady who has had an adverse reaction from her second Pfizer shot on Thursday, 21 October.

After being told no jab no job by her employer she reluctantly got the jab. Her employer is only giving her leave without pay despite telling her to get the jab.
She now has clots in her legs, stomach and lungs. Her heart is also under stress and she is now on medication. There is a risk that any of these clots could cause a stroke.
The hospital initially didn’t want to know about the adverse event reactions claiming it was underlying causes even though Cienna has never had any health issues previously.
Furthermore the hospital won’t report the adverse event leaving up to her distraught mother to do it.
In her own words on her Facebook page:
“Crazy how quickly I went from a super healthy 19yr old kid who’s never had any form of health issues ever. Working a full time job, training, and riding horses everyday. To having it all taken away from me after my second Pfizer vaccination. My lungs are full of blood clots & hearts under stress. My new normal of now having a pulmonologist dr, cardiologist dr, blood tests, full body scans, ultra sounds on my heart & lungs. Over a vaccination I got to do the right thing- & I never wanted to get because I was genuinely scared of running the risk. I wish I had never gotten it & I could have my healthy body back.”


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