Michael Robison - Covid19 Jab - T-Cell Lymphoma

8 Oct 2021  - by Michael Robison 

I am not anti-vaccine… but I will caution…. Proceed with care!!! 🚨 I am now fighting a T-Cell Lymphoma as a result of the degraded MRNA Protein Spike via dendritic reaction, called by Pfizer a waning immunity! It is not truly a safe precaution for #COVID19

The CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J know that the instability of IVT use of MRNA is accompanied by the bodies clearing of the Inert 19 Protein Spike by the immune system. When it leaves the cell structure compromised after insertion & clearing…. It results in autoimmune issues….One such issue is the risk and causation of severe results such as Leukemia and T-Cell Lymphoma. 

Another common long term effect is autoimmune disorders that impact the skin…. And require life long maintenance and treatment…All such issues and cases have been consistently reported to VAERS which is co-managed by the CDC & FDA…. But no attention or research has been prioritized or funded for this repository of information!

My caution is this…. Be aware. As late as 2018 all of the groups involved were still convinced that MRNA was still far too unstable for use in vaccine distribution. This vaccine is the largest form of a clinical trial in the history of mankind

I regret deeply being vaccinated. I have had a breakthrough case after…. And I am now fighting cancer as a result. I traded my solid health, for a temporary freedom to travel and freedom from being criticized. THINK, STUDY & BE AWARE before getting the vaccine

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