'Vaccine passports, a solution looking for a problem' - David Davis MP

Highlights from long-serving civil liberties defender David Davis MP speech during Big Brother Watch's event during Conservative party conference 2021. 

Update: YouTube removed this video of civil liberties champion David Davis MP's speech against domestic vaccine passports, claiming that it "contradicts expert consensus". This ought to be a wakeup call that free speech is under severe threat online. "The unambiguous attempt by YouTube to censor my speech is a warning. If YouTube is happy to attempt to silence elected Members of Parliament, then they are also happy to censor anyone uploading content to their services." - David Davis MP told us.

Government is doing nothing to tackle online censorship but will make the problem worse by clamping down on lawful speech in its new Online Safety Bill. David Davis MP describes it as "nothing but a censor’s charter that hands more power to these unaccountable Silicon Valley giants." After we released this information to the press YouTube reinstated David Davis MP's speech against Covid IDs without explanation or notification to us, after media attention. It was down for two days. We have the means to fight back, but not everyone does. Free speech online is in peril.

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