Florida Summit on Covid

6 Nov 2021  

International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists - Florida Summit on Covid19

An expert panel of physicians discuss mandatory vaccines, impacts on immunity, and a detailed discussion of early treatment options.

An alternative message of COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments to that of government agencies came through loud and clear at a Saturday summit at which doctors who dispute the data, mandates and other actions were greeted with standing ovations.

The Florida Summit on COVID was held at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala and included doctors from throughout the U.S. who discussed the vaccines, natural immunity in those who previously had the virus, vaccine mandates and related topics.

The theme of the summit could be summed up by part of the talk of Dr. Heather Gessling — “I don’t think at this point that we may be able to trust these agencies.”

Also speaking was Gainesville attorney Jeff Childers, who has represented opponents of vaccine and masking mandates in Alachua County, including city of Gainesville employees.

Childers spoke on mandates and the role of medical and religious exemptions.

A key topic was immunity in people who have gotten COVID-19 and the protection it provides.

More than 800 people attended the Florida Summit on Covid at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala on Saturday. (Photo Credit: Alan Youngblood, for Gainesville Sun)

Virologist Dr. Robert Malone presented slides to help explain how various vaccines work and told people who have already had COVID-19 that they should not get vaccinated, adding that studies show natural immunity is long-lasting.

Malone was critical of a Centers for Disease Control position that people who have had the virus should get vaccinated.

“The study that the CDC put out on that is highly flawed,” Malone said.

Texas cardiologist Dr. Paul McCullough, who has gained wide attention for his positions on the virus and vaccination, got a standing ovation when he was called up to the stage to speak and when he left.

The debate over COVID-19 is “a battle between good versus evil” and government agencies are not providing full information of research on the virus, he said.

McCullough said millions of children have already had COVID-19 that went undetected. The immunity they have, he said, is “the way to break the grip of fear.”

“The vaccines cause myocarditis,” McCullough said. “Your children are more likely to be harmed by the vaccines than by COVID.”

The summit was organized by Dr. John Littell of Ocala.

About 800 people registered and the final attendance was higher than that, said Rocky Haag, who helped organize the event.

Most of the attendees were in the medical profession including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others.

Haag said they came from Florida and several other states.


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