Australian influencer Monique Morley - Pericarditis after Pfizer jab

 26 Oct 2021  - Sydney,  Australia  

Monique Morley's Instagram post reads as below:

"Note - I am not anti vax - I wanted to wait to post this, because honestly it’s all been a bit much. But I feel like now I can. The photo on the right was me a week prior to getting my 1st Pfz💉& the photo on the left is me only shortly after receiving it. Defeated. Scared & Alone.

I’m sharing my story hoping to help others not feel so alone, to bring awareness that this is real. It does happen-It’s not rare anymore. I’m sharing this so that maybe you’ll think twice before having that argument with a friend or loved one about their choices&choose to be kind instead of thinking you know better-This is my story

15 mins after my 1st💉I started to fit uncontrollably for 45 mins.The doctor & nurse told me its not on the website so it was unrelated-not to go to hospital as it’s overrun to go home & rest - I have no prior history of fits. The next day I was on my lounge when It started it again jaw lock, clammy, heart palpitations, blurry vision, full body cramps-no this wasn’t a panic attack. 

Scared I called for someone to come over. Soon after I experienced another uncontrollable fit, but this one lasted 1.5 hours and it affected my speech also. Tom had to watch helpless while we waited for the ambulance. It was so humiliating & so painful. I can’t even explain it, absolutely Traumatic. They too said they couldn’t explain it. Hadn’t really seen it. I wasn’t anxious. I wasn’t having a panic attack. No one knew what it was but there was something seriously wrong, but I was just told to go to hospital only to be dismissed again after 8 hours. And that was the hardest part. 

A day passed, more chest pains, I couldn’t breathe properly or walk very far I was so fatigued. Something was seriously wrong I called multiple doctors on healthline who said go straight back to hospital. I did & after 12 hours or so I was sent home as They too weren’t sure what to do. 

So I went to sleep that night and unfortunately woke up at 430am to a heart attack. Alone - Another 000 call, straight back to the hospital. Damage to my heart inflammation of my heart/sack & fluid diagnosed pericarditis from the echo. It’s been a few weeks now and My world has been turned upside down."

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