Vaccine Injuries, Vaccine Mandates, Covid-19

25 Nov 2021

In this profoundly illuminating and unifying podcast, Aubrey Marcus joins with Dr. Aditi Bhargava, Kyle Warner, And Brianne Dressen on whether we are getting all the information necessary to make informed decisions about vaccination.

Dr. Aditi Bhargava is a Molecular Biologist and the director of laboratory research at UCSF develops mRNA technology, the same technology used in Covid-19 vaccines.

Kyle Warner is a professional mountain biker and Brianne Dressen is a school teacher from Utah. They both have been injured by the vaccine.

Time Stamps:
00:00- Intro
2:36- Exposing Scientific Loopholes
14:07- Technical term for preventing infection
18:54- The claim that the science is clear
29:24- Mechanisms of action
50:46- Brianne's story
1:00:27- Kyle's story
1:14:13- Confirmation bias
1:20:58- Lack of listening
1:31:19- Stories of injured people
1:39:04- Social psychodynamics/risk assessment/lockdown effects
1:46:46- Confidence in truth emerging?
1:57:09- Danger of vaccination causing evolutionary pressure
2:06:39- Where the mistrust starts to develop
2:17:12- Recommendations for people listening
2:30:48- The importance of speaking up
2:34:56- The future of science is at stake

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