Coverup of What May Have Caused Hank Aaron’s Death?

   by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org) - 26 Jan 2021

Hank Aaron passed away on 22 Jan 2021  (Source )

Iconic baseball legend Hank Aaron had no reported signs of ill health when vaccinated for seasonal flu-renamed Covid19 on January 5.

On January 22, he died, no cause of death indicated at the time.

No information released on if he was dealing with health issues suggests that there were no serious ones.

According to a dubious USdaynews.com report, “unofficial reports claim (Aaron) was in a bad health condition because of heart disease,” no source cited.

Separately, the publication cited another “report of (an unnamed) person with (alleged) knowledge, (claiming Aaron) suffer(ed) a massive stroke.”

“(T)he person asked for anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter (sic).”

If Aaron was ill from heart disease and suffered a “massive stroke” as claimed, why was this not explained for days.

Why does an alleged source remain anonymous? For what purpose?

The publication called claims about Aaron’s death related to having been vaxxed for covid “just a rumor,” adding:

He “died in his sleep” last week. If a “massive stroke” preceded his death, his passing wasn’t as simple as this one-liner.

On January 5, AP News reported the following:

“Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, former UN Ambassador and civil rights leader Andrew Young, and former US Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan got vaccinated against (covid) in Georgia on Tuesday, hoping to send a message to Black Americans that the shots are safe (sic).”

Aaron was quoted saying that getting vaxxed “ma(de) (him) feel wonderful.”

“I don’t have any qualms about it at all, you know.” 

“I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this.”

“It’s just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country.”

Hank Aaron got his Vax on 5 Jan 2021 ( Source )

Following his death, Newsweek slammed what it called “conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers” who believe his passing was from covid inoculation — what it called “anti-vax propaganda.”

Big Government has been pushing all-out for mass-vaxxing with experimental, fast-tracked, unapproved, hazardous to health covid vaccines.

According to Newsweek, US officials hope Aaron’s death “doesn’t discourage people from getting vaccinated.”

It’s a view shared by Pharma, hoping to cash in big with a bonanza of profits from mass-vaxxing billions of people worldwide — Big Media like Newsweek providing press agent services.

They include coverup of the high-risk associated with experimental covid vaccines that includes potential serious harm to health or worse.

Aaron received Moderna’s experimental covid vaccine.

Infectious disease experts expressed concern about unique high risks associated with this experimental mRNA technology used by Moderna and Pfizer that’s been inadequately tested.

Their covid vaccines also contain polyethylene glycol (PEG) that risks possible severe adverse reactions.

Moderna publicly admitted that use of PEG in its covid vaccine “could lead to significant adverse events in one or more of our clinical trials.”

Rushed development of their covid vaccines circumvented longstanding protocol by skipping animal testing.

Months earlier, Children’s Health Defense warned followers of its reports to “beware the Moderna vaccine.”

The same warning applies to Pfizer’s entry into the covid vaccine sweepstakes.

Aaron was likely unaware of the above information and much more citing great concerns about mRNA covid vaccines that may pose serious dangers to health and well-being — especially for the elderly with weakened immune systems.

Aaron was aged-86 when passed away last week.

Since US mass-vaxxing for covid began in mid-December, thousands of adverse events and hundreds of deaths occurred — information ignored by Big Media.

For each known casualty, the vast majority of others go unreported.

An HHS study found that “fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries” are reported to VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).

Five days after US mass-vaxxing began on December 14, over 5,000 “health impact events” were reported.

At 1% of the total, hundreds of thousands more were unreported.

Over a month later, the true number of mild to more severe adverse events could be in the millions.

These are what happened short-term. Of much greater concern are numerous serious diseases known to be caused by vaxxing, including ones they’re supposed to protect against.

Most likely, thousands of individuals in the US and abroad died or risk death from being vaxxed for covid.

Longer-term, much more will be known about numbers of people harmed from seeking protection never gotten — just grief.

Time and again after the fact it’s learned that highly touted vaccines to the rescue don’t work as promoted.

Despite many years of research, no safe and effective coronavirus vaccines were ever developed to this day.

No credible evidence suggests that Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and others are exceptions to the rule.

They’re extremely high risk and unsafe, why avoiding them is essential to protect health.

A Final Comment

Citing the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution claimed that “Hank Aaron died of natural causes,” adding:

“According to the Braves, he died peacefully in his sleep.”

A memorial service will be held Tuesday, Aaron’s funeral the following day.

Without an independent autopsy by trusted individuals, the cause of Aaron’s death will be buried with him.

His passing around two weeks after being vaxxed with Moderna’s hazardous to health covid vaccine raises obvious red flags about the true cause of his death.




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