More Kids Dying From Vaccines Than From COVID, Nurse Tells Louisiana Lawmakers

by Jeremy Loffredo for  The Defender

A registered nurse who last month testified at a hearing of the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee said her hospital is seeing “terrifying” reactions to COVID vaccines, but hospital officials are failing to report them.

A Louisiana nurse last month told state lawmakers her hospital is seeing “terrifying” reactions to COVID vaccines, but hospital officials are failing to report them. 

Collette Martin, R.N., a practicing nurse for 17 years, said her Louisiana hospital is witnessing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, encephalopathy and heart arrhythmia following COVID vaccination, and staff are failing to report anything to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Martin, testifying at a Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee hearing, told State Rep. Lawrence Bagley that most medical professionals in her hospital aren’t even aware VAERS exists. 

“The majority of our nurses, nurse managers and some doctors do not even know what VAERS is,” Martin said. “I’ve spoken to our chief medicine managers and other nurses on why we’re not reporting to VAERS, and the most common response is: ‘What is VAERS?’”

Martin said she raised concerns about adverse reactions to COVID vaccines and the failure to report them to hospital administrators, but she was “repeatedly dismissed.”

Martin made clear to the legislators that VAERS was reporting, at the time of her testimony, more than 18,000 deaths post-COVID vaccination, and how it’s her belief only a fraction of deaths are being reported because her hospital and other hospitals in the area “are not reporting anything.” '

Martin also told legislators she is concerned about mandating COVID vaccines for children. 

She said:

“We are not just seeing severe acute [short-term] reactions with this vaccine, but we have zero idea what any long-term reactions are. Cancers, autoimmune [disorders], infertility. We just don’t know.

“We are potentially sacrificing our children for fear of maybe dying, getting sick of a virus, a virus with a 99% survival rate.”

Martin said her hospital has seen “more children die from the COVID vaccine than COVID itself.”

“It’s maddening, and I don’t understand why more people don’t see it. I think they do, but they fear speaking out and, even worse, being fired,” Martin said.

Watch her testimony here:

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