This is Australia, now! Segregation & Arrest of the *Undocumented* Citizens

Matt Straight - Queensland  - Australia

This is Australia now people. Such a sad day when 5 disgusting individuals in police uniform come to my cafe, Interrogate me as to whether I'm allowing unvaxxed people dine at my establishment and then proceed to check all guests and arrest this lovely lady just because she wouldn't show her medical records to them. So disgusted and embarrassed to be Australian right now. Would have loved 5 police when we got broken into four times. Truly heart broken, mad and disgusted.

*Edit: This Lady peacefully left the cafe when the police entered and waited outside. It wasn't until the police finished checking all patrons that all 5 focused on her and insisted she show her vaccination status. She politely said she would provide her name and address but declines sharing her medical records. They pushed and pushed to try get her to hand over her phone and when she refused, they said she is under arrest. We asked for what? There is nothing in the mandate that says you can be arrested for not showing, but says you can be made to leave a venue. Which she did on her own accord. They said she is obstructing justice.
Rebecca is your Mum, your Aunt, your Sister. Just wanting to sit down and enjoy a cuppa like a normal human being and was arrested, bruised (ill add photo in comments) put in a holding cell for 2 hours, finger printed, given a $1300 fine, a court date and treated like a criminal. For having a cup of coffee and for what ever reason, not wanting to show her PRIVATE medical records.
Anyone that feels this is normal or a good use of 5 polices time when there are real crimes being committed needs their heads checked.
However the mandate states if she was sitting in a shopping mall food court or standing in line at the supermarket or in line in the cafe to order take out, that's OK. World gone mad.


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