South Australian Mother Tasha's Novavax Injury

22 March 2022 - Via/ Senator Gerard Rennick


“3rd trip in 4 weeks to hospital, this time I needed a ambulance, super tachycardia want to pass out blood pressure all over the place so sick of being like this since February 21 when I took one Novavax poke, still no batch number given drs surgery say they lost that days vial numbers no discharge papers from last 2 hospital admissions, now here again so sick if the chest and heart pains, now left lung feels heavy like full of water and I'm breathless.  Thanks to my work mandate I'm suffering every day stuck on bed rest doing nothing for weeks 

Last 2 hospital visits no discharge paperwork was given at either hospital and my drs lost my batch vax number I was told no more Novavax brand but I'm to wait 12 weeks and get another brand  they say everything verbal and in front of my husband too but never give paperwork, I did phone call to NPS national pharmaceutical society to report my adverse reactions and doing a telephone consult with a free session lawyer in South Australia next Wednesday... everything has been a battle they just palm you off”


Source | Queensland (Australia) Senator Gerard Rennick's Facebook page


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