Should you get vaccinated? (Part 2)

 25 May 2021  - by Steve Kirsch for TrialSiteNews  

New research shows why we should not vaccinate kids

Will we listen to the SCIENCE? Or will will follow the Biden, CDC, NIH narrative blindly? Time to decide.

Tweet from Brian Tyson on June 6, 2021. Does science matter anymore? Or will we just follow the narrative?

In other words, science says that kids are essentially already vaccinated. So giving them a dangerous vaccine has virtually no benefit but significant downsides (like death).

But the academics are too vested in the false narrative to let one study take them down. I predict they will ignore the science and try to discredit it. That’s exactly what they’ve done with fluvoxamine and ivermectin even though all those studies were published in peer reviewed journals too. They are good at suppressing science and convincing the masses that the vaccine is needed and safe, regardless of the actual facts. They believe the Phase 3 studies and consider real world events as anecdotal.

Here’s the third item I need you to see. This is the biodistribution graph created from the Pfizer data obtained via Byram Bridle FOIA request to help you visualize where the vaccine is going in your child’s body. This shows you the the sites where it cranks out the toxic spike protein; the higher the line, the greater the production of spike protein that can cause damage to blood vessels and cause inflammation.

NOTE: There are areas of the body that are not included here like the injection site (165), liver (24), spleen (23), and adrenals (18). These were not included so you can see more detail. The graph ends at 48 hours because that is the extent of the data provided in the original Pfizer study. The mRNA is basically mostly gone after 48 hours which is why it ends there. I did not commission this slide; it was created by PANDA.

Biodistribution of lipid nanoparticles which carry the mRNA show that the ovaries get the highest concentration. This turns the ovaries into a very large manufacturing plant to turn out toxic spike protein. Accumulation in the bone marrow is likely not good either. What are the long term implications of that?

Here’s the chart with all the data (excluding the injection site). As you can see, the ovaries and bone marrow still show up prominently:

Here’s what this means. This vaccine seeks out your daughter’s ovaries and instructs the cells in the ovaries to turn out a very toxic spike protein. It also goes to your child’s brain, heart, and other critical organs. This can cause deafness, blindness, inability to speak, myocarditis, pericarditis, and more at unacceptable rates. It may permanently damage your child’s reproductive system. We just don’t know. Would you like to volunteer your child for a clinical trial so we can find out? Well if so, and if your child concurs, then get vaccinated and be part of the largest experiment ever done on the human reproductive system.

OK, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far, because there is a lot more to talk about. I am just getting started.

  1. The destruction we are doing to our kid’s hearts, brains and especially their ovaries. We are harming perfectly healthy young adults. For example, the miscarriage rates are alarming post vaccination: 82% spontaneous abortion rate before 20 weeks.

  2. Approximately 2% of people report severe / still annoying side effects based on the random sampling I’ve done. This number is extremely high but it totally explains why the “Vaccine Side Effects” groups in Facebook had over 200,000 members before Facebook deleted them. There are much better options where no healthy person has any added risk of death or disability (since they will not need to be treated at all).

  3. The government has been suppressing the fact that repurposed drugs work with virtually 100% success when given early with virtually zero side effects. So the better, safer alternative is considered “unproven” when Cliff Lane (head of the NIH COVID Guidelines who reports to Tony Fauci) knows without a doubt that it works.

Sound like a conspiracy theory? I don’t blame you. I don’t think there is a conspiracy (except for a select few such as those called out in Chris Martenson’s excellent video on the coverup happening after the outbreak). I have no issues with anyone at Moderna or Pfizer or any government agency (again with the exception of Tony Fauci and Cliff Lane and a handful of others who were in on it and aren’t talking). I think everyone else are all ethical people who started with the best intentions, shit happened, and now people don’t want to see the reality because of the cognitive dissonance it would create. So the CDC and FDA ignore all the subjective safety signals (like alarming anecdotal reports from doctors) and rely on what I believe (based on info from CDC insiders) is a flawed serious event warning system (combined with pressure not to report that there is anything wrong). Hence everyone is acting like there is nothing wrong because their traditional alarm bells aren’t triggering. A 25X higher event rate for myocarditis after vaccination… oh, completely normal. They justify that because they think that the vaccine is so helpful (a 10X reduction in cases) that even if there is death caused by the vaccine, society is better off net net. So they support the false narrative that the vaccine is safe. And none of them realize that early treatment of COVID is way better and safer since Fauci and Lane suppress the better option.

For example, why is Monica Gandhi calling for vaccinating kids including her own? Is she evil? Of course not! I asked her for the risk benefit calculation in this tweet. Will she reply? I doubt it. Most of the doctors who swallow the false narrative find it difficult to deal with the facts.

Also, let me point out that in this document I link to a number of sources, some of whom tout conspiracy theories like this is being done deliberately for nefarious purposes. I absolutely don’t believe that. If I include a reference to someone else’s material I do not endorse any conspiracy theories that are espoused by them. I will make one exception for Chris Martenson. All of his YouTube material I have watched of his work is all top notch, well done, and well supported. Watch this video of Dr. Chris Martenson taking down Fauci‘s original Senate testimony. It is priceless. Chris mentions my work at 47:30. It’s hard to argue with his conspiracy theories.

Still, it’s a bit hard to explain why they aren’t at least warning the public that the vaccine is the deadliest vaccine ever and has an extremely high incidence of death and long-term disability. There is absolutely no excuse for hiding that. Health authorities have a responsibility to report that and they aren’t telling the real numbers to anyone.

To figure out the truth, all you have to do is realize one important thing: there isn’t any transparency here on the numbers. I called my local pharmacy to see if the pharmacist knew the death and disability rates. Nope. No clue. We are so brainwashed into believing the narrative that the vaccine is safe that nobody even asks the question: “So, exactly how many people have been killed or severely disabled from the vaccine?” There’s a reason for that lack of transparency: the CDC has no clue what the numbers really are (the VAERS numbers are a lower bound and could be off by as much as 100x). Nobody will tell me either (and believe me I’m persistent). That alone should be frightening.

Not only won’t they tell us the numbers, but they aren’t answering any questions either: nobody is willing to debate me on the issues raised in this article in a public forum. Nobody from the government will. None of the docs on Clubhouse who promote the false narrative will either. If they did, they will be exposed as promoting false info and would lose their followers. Here’s proof they are chicken: my Twitter post challenging them all to a debate in front of all their followers.

Twitter challenge issued Jun 6. I don’t think anyone is going to accept my offer to debate because they know they will lose. Badly. And I’m not even a doctor. As of 6/8/21, nobody has dared to challenge me when the playing field is level.

If you check, everything in this document is completely on the level and everything is independently verifiable from trustworthy sources. Government agencies are refusing to even comment on this document (and TrialSiteNews has tried reaching out for comments). Consider this: do you how many people have been killed and disabled from this vaccine so far? Of course you don’t. They don’t have accurate numbers themselves.

Uh oh… more under reporting. No wonder the FDA and CDC don’t see any safety signals. Track the replies to that tweet here.

Vaccines are never designed to kill or disable people. The background death rate for vaccination in the US as reported in VAERS <500 people per year and that’s primarily because people coincidentally die around the time of the vaccination (a smaller amount will have some sort of adverse reaction to the vaccine). The death toll for the current COVID vaccines in the US alone is off the charts compared with all other vaccines in any other year.

There are now over 5,000 reported deaths so far, and that’s likely a very conservative estimate because the data is under reported historically and even more so during the pandemic (based on all the anecdotes I’m aware of because nobody wants to challenge the narrative that the vaccine is anything but safe). Note that a comparable % of Americans have been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine as compared with prior years. This vaccine is more than 100X more deadly than the flu vaccine… possibly even 1,000 times more deadly as I will explain in detail below.

Virtually all of these deaths are “excess deaths” due to the vaccine. The CDC cannot explain any of these excess deaths. If it wasn’t the vaccine, what caused it? Have you seen the analysis of any of these cases? They cannot explain how dozens of our children have heart problems now. They will not disclose how many dozens of kids are affected. 10 dozen? 100 dozen? They will not tell us the truth. The one thing all those 5,000 deaths had in common was the vaccine.

In Israel, the adverse event tracking is much more accurate than the US. They found rate of myocarditis in vaccinated young adults is up to 25X the normal background rate for that age range. That’s not my calculation. That’s right from the article (“The rate reported among young men in Israel was 25 times higher”). “Israeli researchers reported this week that between one in 3,000 and one in 6,000 men between the ages of 16 and 24 had developed myocarditis, or heart muscle inflammation, after receiving both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine there.” That’s 4X the rate for even the smallpox vaccine (which is 1 in 12,000).

However, doctors in the US insist this is normal and everyone should be vaccinated including kids. WTF?!?!

Pfizer has said that it is aware of the Israeli findings, but doesn’t think a causal link has been established. The company said the rate of myocarditis after vaccination was no higher than the rate normally seen in the general population. Seriously?!?! How can they say that with a straight face to the press? This is a classic example of gaslighting.

Note that the health tracking in the US is terrible as you can see from this report from Connecticut showing a one in 20,000 rate of myocarditis in 16-34 year olds; we miss reporting most of the cases. Darn.

So now after killing more than 4,500 Americans, the government wants to “protect” your children knowing full well that some of them will die from a vaccine that is totally unnecessary and dangerous. It is preposterous and no parent should put up with it.

This vaccine is much more dangerous than any vaccine in our history. There are more reactions to this vaccine than all 70 vaccines in the last 30 years combined. This is obvious from OpenVAERS since the total reports from this vaccine and # of deaths are rapidly approaching >50% of all reported cases. Note that VAERS is a lagging indicator because there is a substantial backlog of VAERS reports. As of 28 May, there were 262,566 reported adverse reactions regarding Covid-19 vaccinations. However, there were another 168,564 reports that have been submitted to VAERS but not added to the database yet.

The vaccine teaches cells all over your body (every organ especially women’s ovaries) to make a toxic spike protein.

Both male and female reproductive organs may be affected by the toxic spike protein. We just don’t know yet, but the miscarriage rates are alarming post vaccination. 82% spontaneous abortion rate before 20 weeks.

Over 4,500 people have been killed by this “safe” vaccine. If a foreign nation killed well over 4,500 Americans, would we sit idly by and cheer them on? The government might argue that the death toll is less than the 600,000 Americans who have died from the virus. But that’s a false argument because our government has been deliberately suppressing the alternatives (despite proof of efficacy in large randomized Phase 3 trials) and keeping them from view.

It is almost beside the point to calculate the exact number of deaths. In the past, the death threshold was that if 1 in 1 million Americans were killed by the vaccine, we stop it. So we stop at 168 excess deaths. There are 4,500 excess deaths right now and probably more like 25,000. So we are at 25X to 125X over the stopping threshold and we want to accelerate our rate of vaccination and give it to our kids. Why isn’t the press asking why we are doing this when there are better alternatives that result in much lower loss of life?

We don’t know how many people have died. 4,500 is a lower bound. And many more will be temporarily or permanently disabled. Nobody is talking.

Based on all the anecdotal reports from physicians I’ve received so far, I estimate the severe life altering side-effects rate to be around 2% and the death rate could be as high as .02% (1 in 5,000 patients which means most docs will never see a death so it will look safe). These are estimates and will be refined as I get more data. For example in one practice of 600 vaccinated patients, 6 have severe adverse events (SAEs) and one of those is near death. I can’t identify the physician because he is afraid of retribution. For 900 patients of Dr. Hoffe, 3 are permanently disabled and 1 died. Dr. Hoffe wasn’t afraid to speak out but telling the truth resulted in him losing his hospital privileges and having his reports torn up. Ask yourself, why would any doctor jeopardize their livelihood? He isn’t an anti-VAXer; he was pro-vaccination. He vaccinated 900 patients. He felt compelled to write up his serious concerns, basically “I have been quite alarmed at the high rate of serious side-effects from this novel treatment.” If the vaccine is as safe as they claim, you never see notes like that. Nobody has the time or incentive. Why would anyone draft such a detailed note to get fired?


It must be emphasised, that these people were not sick people, being treated for some
devastating disease. These were previously healthy people, who were offered an
experimental therapy, with unknown long-term side-effects, to protect them against an
illness that has the same mortality rate as the flu. Sadly, their lives have now been

It is normally considered a fundamental principal of medical ethics, to discontinue a
clinical trial if significant harm is demonstrated from the treatment under investigation.

So my last question is this; Is it medically ethical to continue this vaccine rollout, in
view of the severity of these life altering side-effects, after just the first shot? In
Lytton, BC, we have an incidence of 1 in 225 of severe life altering side-effects, from this
experimental gene modification therapy

This is why doctors will not speak out. Fear of retribution. There is no benefit to speaking up.

This is what happens if you speak the truth: they take away your hospital privileges and delete your reports. This sends a clear message to doctors: support the narrative or else.

A superior alternative to vaccination is simply to treat a COVID infection with a proven early treatment protocol and to modernize our hospital protocols (which we are afraid to change to adopt drugs like cyproheptadine). This alternative results in significantly lower disability and death compared to the vaccines. Newer vaccines available soon appear to be much safer than the current vaccines.
Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to raise legitimate concerns about the false narrative that the current vaccines are safe and should be used on everyone.

I am open to corrections, especially if you feel you have been unfairly abused by this article. Just reply in the comments section below for everyone to see.

There are certainly a lot of people who buy into the narrative. And it’s a reasonable position since the Phase 3 study was done by the book, etc. One of my friends was an investigator on the Pfizer trial and she said there was nothing amiss and everything they saw looked clean. I have no reason to believe that there was any foul play here.

I have nothing bad to say about any of the vaccine makers. Sure, they cut some corners, but that was reasonable: you make some calculated bets when time is short. If I were in charge, I might have made the same decisions. So my issues are not at all with any of the companies themselves. I really think they’ve all done a magnificent job under extremely difficult circumstances.

But what is troubling to me is finding lots of evidence that doesn’t match the narrative and that raise legitimate concerns about the safety of the vaccine. The purpose of this document is to bring these issues to light so they can be addressed one by one and be resolved.

Therefore, I believe that this document is a valuable addition to the scientific discourse.

There were a lot of people who chose to sever all ties with me after I published this article; nearly all of them would be considered “top tier” academics. Challenging the accepted narrative is seen as evil. They said I was risking lives and they didn’t want their name associated with me.

So be it. I think it is extremely dangerous for the scientific community to have the attitude that if anyone challenges the narrative that they must be wrong and the correct course of action is to sever all ties and refuse to engage in debate. If I’m wrong, I’ll be discredited. If I’m right, I’ll be the one saving lives and their views were the ones endangering lives. I wouldn’t be spending my time writing this if I wasn’t convinced I was right. There are too many things nobody can explain if you buy the hypothesis that the vaccines are safe.

I asked these academics “look if I’m wrong, then how do you explain this….?” None of them would engage. Some of them said, “I heard you are against the vaccine. Never talk to me again.” I’m serious. You can’t make this stuff up.

These guys are really smart, but I couldn’t disagree more with their approach.

I was treated as if I’m an evil person. I’m not evil at all. My sole motivation is to save lives by seeking resolution to key questions. Ostracizing dissenters is bad science in my opinion.

Their belief system is based on phase 3 trial results. If reality diverges from the Phase 3 study, the academic will trust the trial and ignore the reality as “anecdotal.” This is why when people go to their doctors complaining of issues, they are directed to do genetic testing because the vaccine is eliminated as a possible cause since it is safe according to the false narrative.

That’s not science at all. Science is about intellectual curiosity and fitting hypothesis to the data. Did they redefine science to exclude anything but data in a large Double Blind Controlled Trrial (DB-RCT)??? Maybe they did that when I wasn’t looking.

In my opinion, we have to judge success based on real world results on 100M people and not bury our heads in the sand and pretend the only evidence we have is DB-RCT and that real-world data is simply so messy to interpret that it must be discarded as unreliable. Sure, It is messy to interpret but you do not need a DB-RCT when you have a 25X normal event rate that cannot be explained away. They claim you do. The mindset is ingrained. It’s weird. That baby whose brain was fried by the vaccine? Must be genetic defect! As a scientist, how can you possibly exclude the vaccine as the cause? If this has never been observed before in nature, why would you rush to a natural origin theory vs. the external intervention of a toxic material causing a miscarriage rate of 82%. Any engineer looking at this problem and given two options, would always conclude it was the vaccine.

I’ve listened to both sides and I’m convinced that there is an air-tight case to be made here for the counter-narrative because the things I’ve seen with my own eyes are not consistent with the narrative. Could I be wrong? Sure. Could they be wrong? Absolutely. But my narrative fits the facts and their narrative doesn’t. So there you go.

I am certainly not alone in challenging the narrative. See Wastila Citizen Petition and Wodarg Citizen Petition and Childrens Health Citizen Petition as examples.

The goal here is to raise the issues and seek the truth. I think we should embrace open discussion and resolve the inconsistencies constructively.

Since you already know the narrative, this document will focus on presenting the case for the counter-narrative.

My confidence level in the counter-narrative is now 100%. There are no rational explanations for what I’ve observed. Nobody can explain them. Congress staff won’t reply to me. The CDC believes there are 0 deaths caused by the vaccine. That is so divorced from reality that it isn’t funny. You’ve got over a 25X higher death rate from this vaccine vs. history, you have no clue what caused all the deaths (“the vaccine … duh”), and now we feel so good we want to kill our kids? Are you kidding me? Lookup the complications from having myocarditis (hint: heart failure, death). What kind of parent would sign up their child for that especially given the Science article that shows no benefit. So basically, your kid gets to play Russian Roulette with the vaccine and there is no upside here, only downside.

I think the entire academic community should be ashamed of themselves for not speaking out loudly against this vaccine. It shows how inept they are that a computer entrepreneur can clearly see what is happening and they cannot. It is embarrassing for the entire medical community. It’s going to come out that I am on the right side of this and they are all wrong. The evidence on the table is so compelling. And the longer academia digs in their heels opposing what I write here, the worse they are going to look.

It’s also an indictment of the mainstream media. There should be a New York Times investigative journalist on this. Know how many inbound queries I’ve gotten (since I know a lot more that I can’t disclose publicly): zero. However, we did make an outbound request to one of the most respected publications in the world, and they are looking at this. So it will be interesting to watch this unfold.

It should tell you something that NOBODY will debate me. NOBODY.

Safe vs. unsafe

A legit argument was raised by one reader about the safe vs. unsafe moniker. Safety is relative. So when I say the vaccine is “unsafe” it means the alternative options have a significantly more attractive risk/reward profile.

Questions they refuse to answer

There are really basic questions that the media should be asking public agencies and Congress. Since they aren’t asking any questions, I thought it would be helpful to provide some “conversation starters” the next time the press talks to Biden, Fauci, members of Congress, etc.

Why hasn’t Senator Peters requested the unredacted version of the Fauci emails from NIH? This would tell us immediately the true source of the virus. No investigation needed. What is Senator Peters afraid of? NIH has said he can request the documents and they will comply.

Can you explain the missing 200,000 records in the VAERS system? Why are records being removed every week (they aren’t dups)?

Why haven’t Fauci and Lane been fired? Fauci funded the research that went wrong and unleashed SARS-CoV-2. We even have the proof of the coverup after the fact. Lane has violated the precautionary principle and use all available evidence principles. Systematic reviews are the top of the Evidenced Based Medicine (EBM) pyramid and he doesn’t even mention it in the ivermectin writeup. He’s responsible for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Shouldn’t there be criminal charges here since it was willful and knowingly done?

When are Fauci and Biden going to come clean and tell the world ivermectin really works? Cliff Lane knows it. Right now GAVI ( the vaccine alliance) is running ads all over the world with the false narrative that ivermectin doesn’t work. That is not saving lives. WHO knows it works. They are not saying anything. This is another massive cover up and disinformation campaign. Here’s an opportunity to set the record straight? I challenged the world to prove the NIH was right. No takers. If you can find an error in the BIRD systematic review, cite it now. Otherwise you MUST follow Evidence Based Medicine, which rates Systematic Reviews at the top of the evidence pyramid. What are we waiting for? We mandate masks without a single Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), yet for ivermectin we are silent? Are you kidding me!?!?

When are they going to finish the toxicology studies in NHPs that they skipped over in the first place? You can’t do this stuff in rats, and you must use the real vaccine to do the tests. Please publish the results of the test and the biodistribution for us all to see, rather than hide this as “COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL.” That is not in the public interest to have that data hidden. Had we seen this earlier, we could have prevented deaths.

What does President Biden say to my friend’s daughter who is so distraught about losing her baby (at 25 weeks) due to the vaccine? Why were pregnant women told to get vaccinated when we knew it was extremely unsafe since it has 8X higher risk of spontaneous abortion? The fetus was bloody and disfigured. The gynecologist had never seen anything like it. Never. But it was not reported to the CDC as vaccine related or entered into VAERS despite it being the most likely explanation since the toxic S1 subunit homes in on the area surrounding the ovaries. It seems all of these deaths are being covered up by being written off as “oh, that’s really strange… never seen that before.” We are told the vaccine is safe so nobody ever thinks the vaccine caused it. No autopsy.

How can the CDC possibly call a vaccine that kills somewhere around 1 in 10,000 people as “perfectly safe” while the FDA insists that ivermectin which kills 1 in 1,000,000,000 as “dangerous and can cause serious harm.” Are you kidding me?!?!

How can the FDA make N-acetylcysteine (NAC) now available only by prescription yet the vaccine is available without a prescription? Can you compare the number of people killed each year by these two?

Why aren’t you disclosing the exact number of people who have been killed and disabled from these vaccines? Shouldn’t that be part of informed consent?

Should a proper “informed consent” document include all of the key issues raised in this document? If not, what vaccine-related issues mentioned here should be excluded and why? When will the new informed consent with the incidence rate of each significant side effect be listed? My suggestion would be to include both the incidence rate and the severity of the symptom, e.g., stroke, myocardial infarction would be very serious.

Why has the Biden administration stonewalled all of my attempts to talk to them about Fluvoxamine? Why will NOBODY debate the evidence for this drug publicly with me? Doesn’t the American public deserve an honest discussion of this important and safe alternative to vaccination?

How many other cheap, safe, effective drugs against COVID have been on 60 Minutes? Just fluvoxamine as far as I know. Will Francis Collins debate me? He’ll lose. I have the truth and the data on my side and he has no viable explanation for if the drug doesn’t work how we can achieve a 100% effect size even with 8 cross-over patients. How will he explain away a p-value of 1e-14 for the symptom data? It was an NIH funded researcher who did the trial.

Surely, you must know that both fluvoxamine and ivermectin were confirmed in large clinical trials whose processes were validated by the WHO. The WHO was notified. Lane knows it. The Gates Foundation knows it. So why are you not letting people know there are viable alternatives to vaccination? Isn’t that sandbagging? And why aren’t any of these organizations speaking out against the shameful ads being run by GAVI to dissuade people from using ivermectin. You know these are wrong, but everyone is silent.

If the NIH Guidelines are right on Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine, then why has NOBODY come forward to claim the $2M prize if they can defend the NIH Guidelines? There hasn’t even been an attempt other than one guy from Belarus. Seriously?!!?! Is that the best you can do guys?

Where is your Phase 3 DB-RCT showing that kids under 20 are better off been vaccinated with these vaccines? I must have missed that one.

Where is your Phase 3 DB-RCT showing that if you’ve had COVID, you are better off getting these vaccines or not? I missed that one too. If there was no death or disability risk from the vaccine, I could see the argument. But that’s just not reality?

Where is your DB-RCT showing that a 12 year old girl that is vaccinated today will be able to have kids in 6 years from now?

Where is your DB-RCT showing mask wearing makes a difference? The only RCT we have on mask wearing against COVID was done in Denmark and it showed mask wearing had a statistically insignificant difference. By your own rules of evidence, you shouldn’t mandate this. By contrast, fluvoxamine has two published RCTs showing 100% effect size when given EARLY (lower effect size when you give it late as with the Phase 3 study). So Fluvoxamine is effective yet not mandated, yet masks are ineffective and mandated. How do you explain that? At 50mg BID x 14d, fluvoxamine is extremely safe with a very low side effect profile.

Why isn’t anyone else asking these obvious questions that any thinking person should be asking?
Why are physicians who speak out against the narrative being punished? What happened to Dr. Hoffe?
If it wasn’t the vaccine that has killed over 5,000 people then what was it? Why can’t we see the cases that have been analyzed so far? How many cases have been analyzed?

Everyone knows the S1 subunit is toxic causing inflammation and damage to endothelial cells? Surely, this was well known at the FDA and CDC. Who brought it up and why were they ignored?

Why hasn’t Kristian G. Andersen been called to Congress to testify about the cover up and talk about all the redactions in the Fauci emails? This was the biggest pandemic in our history, and we are not calling any witnesses with inside information??? Boy, I don’t get that at all. Would be awesome if the press interviewed Kristian to tell his story about the coverup since he’s not talking to Chris Martenson at all after Chris did his takedown video.

Why is the CDC taking so long to analyze the myocarditis and pericarditis deaths in teens? What is the current theory? How many kids have we killed so far? How many more kids must die before we stop this campaign? Or are we going to offer them candy and let them sign the informed consent?
Why will no one from the CDC, FDA, NIH debate me on these issues listed in this section? Surely, they cannot be afraid of a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur with just two degrees from MIT… in electrical engineering and computer science???

The NIH COVID Treatment Guidelines panel meetings are secret. How is THAT in the public interest? Shouldn’t those meetings be public and allow presentations from experts on the drug in a public forum? Should the votes of the panel members be public so that they can be held accountable for their errors in judgment? Why is there no calculation of the downside of getting a wrong recommendation? For example if there is just a 10% chance that people think that ivermectin works, why wouldn’t you recommend it since it will save more lives if it works? I would like to understand from each panel member what they believe the % likelihood that ivermectin is useful against COVID. Do these people ever talk to any frontline doctors who are using ivermectin now? So if I have 1,000 docs all with close to 100% success rate in keeping people out of the hospital, you’d call that anecdotal and toss the evidence? Come on guy, people are dying. Science is about making a hypothesis based on all the evidence, not cherry picking evidence you like. Look science up in the dictionary; there is nothing about how you must ignore data from frontline doctors who are actually treating real patients and saving lives.

We can start with these for now. I have many more I’d like to ask.



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