Should you get Vaccinated (Part 4)

 by Steve Kirsch for TrialSiteNews  


This was written on June 1, 2021. My views may change as new evidence and new vaccines emerge. I’m particularly excited about the Novavax, Covaxin, and Valneva vaccines because they may have a superior safety profile than the current vaccines and the Valneva is likely to lead to much broader immunity. Novavax reports minimal side-effects. That is the key.

First, here are a few things I want you to know:

  1. The views in this article are not shared by most mainstream scientists who insist that the current vaccine is the best choice for everyone.

  2. The arguments are very polarizing: each side insists they are right and the other side is completely irresponsible and unethical.

  3. As proof of #2: I firmly believe that the mainstream scientists have got it completely wrong and clinicians with over 500 patients have it right.

  4. I’m just an engineer with a couple of degrees from MIT and not qualified to give any medical advice. I never went to medical school. You should always consult with your doctor on medical decisions. This document is solely to educate you on issues to discuss with your physician and to help you understand your options.

  5. There is absolutely no question that vaccination with the current vaccines has a risk of adverse effects. They are much riskier than traditional vaccines. For example for age range 30-39, there have been just 7 deaths in the past 10 years (2010 to 2019) reported in VAERS for the influenza vaccine compared to 68 deaths from the COVID vaccines in 2021 alone (ending in May 2021). Watch this video which explains the process I used to get the 100X. This suggests the death rate is more than 100 times greater for this vaccine compared to the influenza vaccine (the influenza vaccine doesn’t kill anyone statistically; these are just background deaths since people die all the time). This means this vaccine is not safe; it is killing people.

  6. Based on what I know today about the serious adverse events (SAEs) and death rates, choosing not to vaccinate (and if you then later get COVID, treating it early) is the superior option. This is especially true for those under age 30; the risks of infection are lower and the early treatment protocols are more effective and proven.

  7. I have an ethical obligation to report that option to people because I believe it will save lives and avoid debilitating serious adverse events caused by the current vaccines many of which may be permanent.

  8. Over 4,200 COVID vaccine related deaths have been reported in the VAERS system. Nobody knows the exact number, but it is likely much higher since VAERS is a voluntary system and I know that doctors are being discouraged from reporting vaccine related deaths. Conversely, had the 600K people who had already died from COVID infections been treated early, the number of deaths to date could be reasonably estimated to be significantly less than that. For example 6,000 patients if not treated would produce at least 300 hospitalizations (since average age was 60). Early treatment with a proven protocol (such as that of Fareed and Tyson) has been shown to reduce that to 1 hospitalization with the same cohort. These are actual numbers in real life in multiple independent practices. This is a 300x improvement. Therefore, a rough estimate is that only around 2,000 people would have died if we had told people to treat the virus early with an effective protocol and we had 100% compliance. If we add a prophylaxis protocol (such as with ivermectin), we reduce the deaths even more to around 400 dead. This means there is likely more than an order of magnitude difference between the options in favor of do not vaccinate.

  9. By using modern hospital treatments such as cyproheptadine, leronlimab, inhaled adenosine, and the ExThera Seraph 100, even if someone is hospitalized, we can reduce the chance of them dying by up to a factor of 4 or more, leading to <100 people dead in the US, all without the need for vaccination just by allowing doctors to use the best evidence-based treatments on the table.

  10. Had the CDC told people to treat the virus early with an appropriate protocol, we would have never had a pandemic since this would result in a fatality rate that is around two order of magnitude lower than the number of people killed by the flu in a typical year. Early treatment also avoids the huge amounts of vaccine SAEs many of which are debilitating. And it reduces the risk of damage to brain, heart, and reproductive tissues. We know that the vaccine is delivering spike protein to these areas; that is not longer debatable. I think the big mistake was keeping quiet about the value of early treatment and only talking about the vaccine as the only option.

  11. Front line doctors who are actively treating patients have a different view than the CDC. For example, a group of doctors I know have shifted from 100% pro vaccine to 100% against the current vaccines based on their own personal experiences (wide range of rare, inexplicable serious conditions).

  12. Highly respected physicians such as Peter McCullough who previously thought the vaccine was safe have now realized they made a mistake and are now publicly telling people not to vaccinate.

  13. A doctor I know has 1,200 total patients of which 700 are vaccinated patients. He has 15 patients with severe adverse reactions including heart attack, congestive heart failure, acute pancreatitis, with one “now near death.” A serious event rate of 1 in 50 is totally unacceptable; it’s almost as bad as the virus itself. It’s likely less than that on average, for example, I know another frontline doctor who has 550 patients; 90% have been vaccinated and there were no significant lasting adverse events. Why aren’t we getting the actual data from the authorities? I am having to resort to data collection myself directly from physicians to find out the serious event rates since this is not being disclosed. Really? We expect everyone to do this?

  14. The fact that there were Facebook “Vaccine side effect” groups with over 200,000 members before Facebook censored them is objective evidence supporting the clinicians.

  15. I believe the current vaccines can cause very debilitating side effects and could be fixed so that they are a lot safer than they are today (by removing the PEG, decreasing the dosing, pre- and post-medicating).

  16. I am PRO-VAX. I think vaccinations in general are fabulous. I have always gotten vaccinated in the past. I got the Moderna vaccine in March 2021. Both doses. The mRNA vaccines are fabulous in general. But NOT when the antigen is problematic and you include PEG so it gets broad distribution. That’s the issue: the s1 subunit antigen combined with the PEG in the vaccine means that a pathogenic antigen (s1 subunit) is now being manufactured (for up to 48 hours before the mRNA falls apart) in all parts of my body including inside my brain and causing blood clots and inflammation for up to around 30 days until almost all of those cells either are dead or destroyed. For more detail as to the cause of the clotting and bleeding, listen to this excellent 10-minute interview of Byram Bridle.

  17. My issues are SOLEY with the SAFETY of the CURRENT vaccines as compared to the efficacy and safety of outpatient prophylaxis and treatment protocols. The number of significant adverse reactions is abnormally high and it isn’t clear if these are reversible. The lack of transparency and censorship are both troubling.

  18. Knowing what I now know, I would not have made the same choice if given the option today.

  19. I would not allow my kids to be vaccinated with the current vaccines. The risk-benefit tradeoff doesn’t justify it.

  20. I have insider knowledge of the safety and efficacy evidence of early treatments that few people have which gives me a unique perspective that few other people in the world have. I also have insider knowledge of why the establishment is improperly rejecting these treatments and pretending they don’t work. I believe that early treatments are superior to the current vaccines in terms of minimizing death and disability.

  21. My sole objective in writing this is to minimize the number of people who end up dead and/or permanently disabled

  22. The CDC has not made a compelling case that vaccination is better. That’s because they can’t as you’ll see in the next section (Children’s Health Defense filing).

  23. If I previously had COVID, I would not get the vaccine due to the risk of adverse reactions risk.

Here is an example that makes it crystal clear that refusing vaccination saves lives.

Children’s Heath Defense Petition to FDA to revoke EUA on COVID vaccines

Here is the full petition.

Here are a few of the most relevant sections:

  • FDA should immediately amend its existing guidance for the use of the chloroquine
    drugs, ivermectin, and any other drugs demonstrated to be safe and effective against COVID, to
    comport with current scientific evidence of safety and efficacy at currently used doses and
    immediately issue notifications to all stakeholders of this change.

  • The FDA should issue guidance to all stakeholders in digital and written formats to
    affirm that all citizens have the option to accept or refuse administration of investigational COVID vaccines without adverse work, educational or other non-health related consequences, under 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(a)(ii)(III) 1 and the informed consent requirements of the Nuremberg Code.2

  • Pending revocation of COVID vaccine EUAs, FDA should issue guidance that all
    marketing and promotion of COVID vaccines must refrain from labeling them “safe and
    effective,” as such statements violate 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3

  • Finally, reflecting on the FDA’s regulatory history is helpful: A proven association
    between the 1976–1977 swine influenza vaccine and approximately 400 cases of Guillain–Barré
    syndrome halted that particular national vaccination campaign. The reported deaths following that swine flu vaccination campaign, 30 out of 40-45 million vaccinees, were insignificant compared to the current reported death toll of 4,434 due to COVID vaccines. Today’s death rate is more than 50 times higher than that which ended the swine flu vaccine campaign.

  • Regarding the halted swine flu vaccine program, the CDC’s Emerging Infectious
    Diseases Journal concluded, “In 1976, the federal government wisely opted to put protection of the public first.” 
    FDA should learn from this past experience and again put protection of the
    public first. It is imperative that the FDA swiftly take action to authorize alternative treatments

  • There are 74 million children in the United States. So far, 282 have died “involving
    Covid.” Two hundred eighty-two in 74 million is a rate of 0.00038%. While many children may
    not have been exposed to COVID, CDC estimated that 22.2 million children aged 5-17 had had
    COVID and 127 had died, at the May 12, 2021 meeting of the Advisory Committee on
    Immunization Practices, or 0.00057%. Available evidence strongly suggests that the vaccine is
    much more dangerous to children than the disease

  • A recent opinion piece in the British Medical Journal noted that “the likelihood of
    severe outcomes or death associated with COVID-19 infection is very low for children,
    undermining the appropriateness of an emergency use authorization for child covid-19 vaccines.
    The authors also suggested child vaccinations could strategically harm vaccination efforts and
    increase vaccine hesitancy.

Troubling stories

Here are some more headlines that challenge the notion that “everyone should vaccinate including kids”:

A good friend of mine is a doctor in Canada. Of the 600 patients who got the jab, 15 have SAEs. 5 of those are hospitalized. One of the hospitalized patients is near death. This same doctor in 29 years has never had any SAE from the flu vaccine. How do you explain this?

Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths

Two Healthy Teens Die After “Vaccine” Injections, Famous Yale Dr. Says Ivermectin Works. 70% of COVID Deaths Unnecessary

7 Paralysis Cases Reported After Pfizer Injection, As More Schools Require Shots

Write-up: Patient’s niece reported that the patient’s arm became sore, had stomach upset, fever the day after the vaccine. The following day the patient died. (24 hours after being vaccinated)

16 year old girl cannot talk or see 48 hours after vaccination.

The statistics and stories on this site which surveys vaccine recipients.

More than 25% of all adverse events ever reported over the past 30 years from all vaccines are from the COVID vaccines which makes COVID vaccines the single most destructive vaccines in human history.

The New York Times (May 22, 2021): CDC Is Investigating a Heart Problem in a Few Young Vaccine Recipients. They will not say the number but it is more than a few. Teenagers never have heart issues after any other vaccinations. The article itself says “several dozen reports” of myocarditis yet the agency says relatively few cases (relative to the 100M vaccinated presumably) so as not to panic the public.

Here is a letter to clinicians in Maryland showing that this is not normal.

Here is the CDC page on these reports. They refuse to reveal the number of events and the rate that the events are occurring. We only know this is significant due to the New York Times story.

Shingles and herpes zoster infections are known to be re-activated by the vaccine. This was confirmed by an insider at the FDA who used computer analytics to see the association.

Under reported examples

Some examples of under-reporting:

  • Dr. Hoffe’s reports were all removed.

  • Had an ivermectin consultation with 2 seniors who don’t want the vaccine; their daughter a school principal  took first dose of Pfizer; almost immediately suffered severe un-diagnosable neurologic symptoms; numbness; been to ER x 3; saw neurologist; was questioned whether it’s in her head; NO ONE CONSIDERED THE VACCINE AS THE CAUSE.  I told the mother that her daughter’s problem is likely spike protein disease and is real and must be reported.  I sent her the forms to give to the family doctor; provided the correct fax number.  I insisted these events MUST be reported.  It has been 5 weeks and she is slowly improving. I warned that Public Health will tell her to take the second dose (which she will not).

  • … you get the idea… physicians pressured to not blame vaccine or just unaware of the range of symptoms or form too long, etc.

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