Should you get vaccinated (Part 3)

 25 May 2021  - by Steve Kirsch for TrialSiteNews  

The smoking gun that I think will bring down Biden and the Democrats (if the Republicans are smart)

The smoking gun is the free S1. This means “oh shit, the vaccine is defective. That was not supposed to happen.”

Fortunately, with early treatment using drugs proven in Phase 3 trials, we have a safer, more effective option than a defective vaccine.

I’m a Democrat. But I’m a human being first. And this isn’t even a close call. The sooner Biden backs off and halts the vaccine, the better for his future. If he moves forward, he and the Democrats will be swept from power. I do not want that to happen.

The arguments regarding quality-adjusted life years calculations (QALY) as the basis for justifying risk/benefit assessments for these vaccines are incontrovertible. The government has not followed its own established processes and policies for making these determinations. Anyone who regularly attends CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meetings knows what I speak of regarding QALY.

They are violating the law. The bioethics and federal law is clear cut and is laid out in Malone’s article on TSN:

These are experimental vaccines. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) grants a waiver for informed consent, but it doesn’t override key requirements related to human subject research.
Therefore, the government must comply with federal statutes that cover ethical human subject research.

There are three key requirements that must be met: 1. full and complete disclosure of risks, 2. test subjects have to comprehend the risks 3. and there is willing consent to participate.

If anyone refuses to consent, and you try to coerce them (e.g., a punishment for non-compliance like “i’ll fire you”), then you are in violation of federal law.

Furthermore, adolescents cannot provide informed consent; only their parent or legal guardian.

There are three ways around this:

Claim that the vaccine is “perfectly safe” (which would not be true, but doing so waives the consent requirement)

Change the law (boy that would look really bad and the Republicans won’t allow it)

Rush it to be approved (boy that would compound the mistake and tank the Democrats)

They are pursuing #3. That just compounds the error and will discredit the FDA and CDC for decades to come.

The free spike protein (the S1 subunit) in the blood all over the body is the smoking gun.

This is not right. Free spike is dangerous. Everyone knew that. It wasn’t supposed to happen. They created anchoring so you would not get free spike. This should have been detected, but nobody did the toxicology. The FDA didn’t force the drug companies to do the required toxicology studies. They were too hurried and believed the anchoring would work.

We know there is free spike several different ways:

It breaches the blood brain barrier. This is why people are sleepy for days after vaccination… their brains are fucked up.

There are so many neurological adverse events reported

PET scans, which determine how cancer responds to treatment, can’t used used on vaccinated patient for a couple of weeks because the lymph nodes all over the body are lighting up from the spike.

The Harvard researchers measured in vaccinated patients.

They didn’t take the time to get the dose right. Dose is way out of the park. Had no time to do dose ranging.

If President Biden and the Democrats continue to ignore this article, it will sink them. Please, do the right thing immediately and stop this experiment now. Go back and fix the product. It is defective.
Vaccine mandates are wrong

Senator Ron Johnson gets it exactly right: vaccine mandates are wrong.

Will any Democrats come join him?

Informed consent is all about your ability to say no. If there is a mandate, then informed consent (as required by law) is superfluous. I don’t see how a mandate can be legal since it violates federal law on experimentation on human subjects. If the Democrats want to allow experiments on human subjects without informed consent, they will need to change the law. And if they do that, pretty much all of us will change parties.

What are people saying?

At this point, you are probably wondering, “What are people saying about this document?”

Well privately, after most of my academic friends severed all ties, it’s all been positive. A lot of people are afraid to speak out in favor of what I wrote because of fear of retribution because it goes against the narrative and they could be fired. Boy, America sure has changed a lot since I was a kid. Today, people stand in line for a vaccine that has a pretty good chance of killing them, and if I ask, “do you know if this vaccine is safe?” they shout me down as “anti-vax.” Gotta love the tolerance for original thinking. Try this yourself. It’s mind blowing.

Congress staffers have said “we’ll get back to you.”

Cliff Lane: no answer. I even reached out for corrections. Nothing. Crickets.

Biden administration: Crickets.

CDC: I’ve always been rebuffed in any of my attempts to contact Rochelle, so I gave up.

FDA: I like Janet Woodcock. I’ve made my points. She’s listened. She understands them. She’s not allowed to say much in response at this time. She’s smart. I have a lot of respect for her.

In general, I like the people who engage me with legitimate debate. These are the good people.

People like Cliff Lane, Jeremy Farrar, Kristian Andersen who stop communicating when they know they’ve been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, those are the people I dislike.

I am a pretty simple guy in that respect.

Summary of key points covered in this document

Vaccines are never supposed to kill people. The influenza vaccine doesn’t kill anyone. Virtually zero (there are also very rare events where people do die, but they are < 1 in a million). People are much more likely to die just coincidentally with the vaccination not from the vaccination. For example, less than 1 person in the age group 30-39 dies per year according to VAERS.

The COVID vaccines are unique in that healthy people who take the vaccine can end up dead or disabled at a rate that may be far greater than we have been led to believe. I will debate anyone on this publicly and they will lose.

This vaccine is much more dangerous than any vaccine in our history. There are more reactions to this vaccine than all 70 vaccines in the last 30 years combined.

We are essentially creating a nation of vaccine long-haulers. Some will be asymptomatic, some will have mild symptoms, some will have disabling symptoms, and some will die. The symptoms are all over the map.

At a minimum, if the FDA doesn’t halt vaccinations, they should require a BLACK BOX warning notifying people that the vaccine can kill you or cause permanent disability and the rates of both are unknown at this time. At least that way, people are going into this with their eyes wide open.

The side effects of the vaccine can be both subtle and incredibly diverse because the vaccine can affect any part of your body, including your brain. One physician said, “What’s so typical about the responses is the atypical nature of all the presentations.” For example, my fingers have now started to shake uncontrollably 2 months after my second dose. This sort of neurological damage is impossible to show cause and effect. I never would have ascribed it to the vaccine because I was told the vaccine was safe. But if they had told me that the vaccine causes my body to make a toxin everywhere, including my brain, any new neurological symptom within 3 months after any shot is highly suspect. I cannot report it in V-SAFE since you can’t make a proactive report. I will report in VAERS. Once you realize most people would never think to associate it with the vaccine because it happened 2 months later and the vaccine is supposed to be safe AND because most people don’t know about VAERS AND because most people wouldn’t bother to report it in VAERS since they would deem it too speculative, all this data is lost. V-SAFE never warned me that the symptoms can be subtle, diverse, and to report EVERYTHING that is NEW and ABNORMAL in VAERS. This is why the FDA and CDC isn’t seeing a safety signal. Had I not written (or read) this article, I would have ascribed it to old age/bad luck. I now know better.
We don’t know how many people this vaccine has killed or disabled. There is no transparency of these numbers and no analysis of the people who have died or been disabled. Of course we know these vaccines cause massive mini blood clots, so nothing is surprising.

If you have anything happen to you within 3 months of either dose that is new and affecting your daily life, please report it in VAERS.

We are collecting information from doctors. One doctor, with 600 vaccinated patients, reported that 6 of them had serious adverse events (requiring a hospital visit or hospitalization); 1 of those patients may die soon. This is very troubling. We don’t know if this is typical or not.

Doctors are reporting adverse events in recently vaccinated patients that are off the charts. The range of conditions is unprecedented and doctors are baffled as to the cause and proper treatments. One 16 year old couldn’t speak or see just 48 hours after getting the shot. We don’t know how common this is, but even hearing a single event like this is extremely troubling. The press didn’t report it; I saw it in an email. So there must be dozens or hundreds of cases just like these that we are “unaware” of because it isn’t considered a vaccine-related event.

The CDC admits that dozens of teenagers have been diagnosed with heart issues shortly after receiving the shot. Fear not! They are investigating, but they will not stop the vaccination program while they investigate. It’s been 2 weeks and no word.

Normally, vaccination injects or generates a harmless antigen in your shoulder to generate immunity. It stays in your shoulder. These vaccines are different. The mRNA vaccines deliver instructions to cells all over your body to make a pathogenic spike protein over the next 48 hours: inside your brain, heart, ovaries, etc. The spike proteins damage your blood vessel walls and cause clotting. The spikes can break free of the cell membrane and freely circulate causing even more damage. The spike proteins can last around 30 days. The damage that has been done in the 30 days can last a lifetime.
This is the reason people have a wide range of side effects: inability to see, inability to speak, heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, bell’s palsy (half of your face doesn’t move), numbness in various body part, re-activation of shingles, etc. Some events are such as the teenager who killed himself after getting the shot are very hard to ascribe.

A large fraction of the spike protein ends up in the ovaries (see nice line graph later in this article… it will shock you). We don’t know how the reproductive system of women will be impacted; we won’t know that for another 4 months. Nobody needs the jab that bad. Why not wait and see what happens?
Social media companies do not want anyone to discover the problems until it is too late. Facebook for example has removed multiple “Vaccine side effects” groups comprising hundreds of thousands of users. If there are really no side effects, then what are these groups talking about? The weather? We don’t know because Facebook doesn’t want us to know. Don’t you love the transparency?
Doctors are being told not to speak out or face the consequences. They are told not to associate deaths with the vaccine. Why is this needed if the vaccine is as safe as they led us to believe?
We are not told about the alternatives including safer vaccines or refusing vaccination and if infected, treating with an early treatment protocol.

Early treatment protocols with repurposed drugs are extremely safe and effective. If started within 48 hours of first symptoms, the hospitalization, fatality, and long-haul COVID rates are extremely low. In short, early treatment turns COVID into a mild cold.

The NIH is deliberately sandbagging the approval of drugs used for early treatment and that sandbagging continues to the present. They know the drugs work, but they don’t want anyone to know. The guy leading the vaccine effort (Fauci) is the same guy suppressing the approval of alternatives because Cliff Lane, head of the Guidelines Committee reports to Fauci.
If the government really wants to reduce vaccine hesitancy, they should make the rate of death and disability public rather than hiding these numbers. They are hiding this information from everyone including doctors on the weekly CDC calls. I asked one of them recently, “How many people has the vaccine killed so far?” He said “about 100.” There is no way just 100 people have died from this vaccine, I guarantee it. But it just shows you how they are hiding the true numbers.

Tony Fauci and Cliff Lane should be removed from office. Their failure to deploy the Precautionary Principle of medicine and use all the available evidence has led to the needless loss of life of millions of people.

The mainstream media and social networks have blindly followed the “authorities” and have contributed to the problem by enabling their false narratives and shutting out the voices of those who have legitimate challenges to these authorities.

If you can prove the NIH got it right on ivermectin and fluvoxamine (they rated them NEUTRAL), there is a $2M reward waiting for you. Nobody has been able to do that because it is impossible. It is like proving that a baseball team with a 30-0 win loss record is a losing team. This is outrageous that Congress is so asleep at the wheel that they have not taken immediate action to direct the NIH to fix the Guidelines to minimize loss of life.

Once you get vaccinated, you can never be unvaccinated. The damage may not be undoable and may only manifest itself years or decades later. It’s a bit like starting a small fire inside all of your key organs and letting it burn for 30 days.

If I knew what I know now, I would not have chosen vaccination with the current vaccines for myself or my family. I would have waited for one of the newer vaccines which are not expected to suffer from these safety issues (but let’s see what happens). If I was at risk for COVID, I would prophylaxis with ivermectin. If I got COVID in the meantime, I would treat immediately with a 4 drug combo of fluvoxamine (50mg BIDx14d), ivermectin (12mg x 7d), simvastatin (….), and maraviroc (…) . This is what Dr. Bruce Patterson recommends to his patients and was developed from what has worked to cure long-haul COVID cases. If started within 48 hours of first symptoms, this protocol should be extremely effective because each drug targets a different mechanism of harm.

If I already had COVID, I’d wait for the newer vaccines which confer broader immunity. Since I already have natural immunity in the meantime, there is no rush to vaccinate with a potentially unsafe vaccine.
If you MUST get vaccinated now for some reason, take 50mg once a day of fluvoxamine starting 3 days before and continuing for 2 weeks. This will reduce inflammation and damage just like it does for COVID patients.

These vaccines were rushed to market and they made a few bad design decisions. There is a way to re-formulate the current vaccines to significantly reduce the risk. If Pfizer or Moderna want to talk, you know where to find me. If the FDA expedites the fix, it could be fixed in as little as 60 days. I know of no reason they would not want to at least hear me out.

Don’t you find it a bit odd that the CDC is telling kids to get vaccinated without showing proof that they are better off with the defective vaccine vs. taking their chances with the virus? I commissioned some experts to find out which was better and they threw up their hands because there is no data available to make the calculation because all the vaccine data is so bad (VAERS reporting). Their best guess is it was a wash. If you factor in an early treatment protocol if you get sick, then it isn’t a close call: just say no and if you get infected and then treat it early. And I challenge the CDC to show the actual numbers to prove I’m wrong (I’m happy to be wrong by the way… it does happen on occasion).

Finally, not everyone will agree with me. I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to write all this if I didn’t believe it was all true. I could be wrong. The FDA isn’t seeing a safety signal. But the FDA isn’t known for going out and talking to people in the real world and collecting data that way. They rely on official sources that can be grossly under-reporting the side effects in order not to scare anyone from taking the vaccine. I’m not making this up; there are lots of doctors that would vouch for what I’m saying. Check out Robert Malone’s article, for example where he refers to this censorship of evidence as “alarming.” Malone is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine! So I’m not worried that the FDA sees different data than I do. I’m in good company with Malone.

Right now, the mechanisms of action point to putting your body at much greater risk than a natural COVID infection would cause. The natural COVID infection travels slowly through your body; the vaccine takes about 15 minutes to set fire to every part of your body at the same time (and the biggest fire is in your ovaries). This is why, when you do have a side effect from the vaccine, it can happen anywhere. You never see that with a natural infection. You get immunity either way. Some think natural immunity is broader and more durable, others disagree. But I think we are splitting hairs at this point.

Lastly, let me address the elephant in the room. Some people have told me not to write this article. They believe that the upside of herd immunity and returning to normal outweighs the damage that is inflicted by the vaccine (which they believe is 100 deaths and no disabilities). I have several reasons for not agreeing:

1) the evidence on the table is all consistent with the hypothesis of a very destructive vaccine that has devastated a LOT of people,
2) they can fix the product quickly if they prioritize it,
3) if they kick Fauci and Lane out and replace them with reasonable people (in the mold of Michael J Ryan), we can get the drugs we need put on the NIH recommended list so if anyone does get COVID, it will be short lived and mild, and
4) this vaccine has the potential to wreak havoc on the reproductive system of our kids; if they can’t even tell us how many people have died and been disabled from the vaccine so far, I have little faith in their ability to project 9 months or more in the future.

We know the toxic S1 subunit accumulates in the ovaries (see chart below; search for “Still Unconvinced”). Prove to me this isn’t a problem because it looks like it could well be a major train wreck to me.

There is simply no way that after dozens of healthy kids have reported myocarditis and pericarditis (still unexplained by the CDC) that this vaccine could be anywhere close to safe. Nothing happens on a flu shot. This is off the charts and the dozens of kids affected is just the tip of the iceberg and this is just one of hundreds of symptoms caused by the vaccine. What the CDC observed in those kids is perfectly consistent with the narrative I outline here. In short, my explanation of what is happening here, and my assertion that the vaccine is causing harm to healthy people, matches reality. Their narrative (“it is perfectly safe”) does not. So, sorry, I’m not buying it. And I’m hardly alone in this belief:

French agency is thinking clearly. Not everyone was fooled.

If you believe everything I wrote above (or a trusted friend told you this is on the level), you can stop reading here.

Since there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet, let me give you a few tips to help you decide whether this article is on the level or not:

Start with this site, Canada Health Alliance and watch their excellent 20 minute video. Bravo to them for pointing all that information out.

Then read the superb petition to the FDA to revoke the EUA for the vaccines filed by Children’s Health Defense. Key excerpts in the next section.

My wife and I were the recipients of a National Caring Award. Evil people disseminating misleading information typically don’t get such awards.

There are lots of stories about my philanthropy. Recently I donated $1.5M to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, for example.

Look at the entire history of my Twitter posts. It would be hard to find any misinformation in any post. If there is, I’m happy to delete it. So I’m not a spreader of misinformation.

You can verify all of this with the inventor of mRNA, Robert Malone. He’s horrified about what has happened here; the muzzling of doctors, the lack of proper testing, the refusal to halt the drug when legitimate safety concerns have been raised, and the lack of transparency.

The comments to date (June 4, 2021) have all been positive. That doesn’t happen when you spread misinformation. You are usually called out instantly.

You can check me out with known, credible people like the Dean of the Emory School of Medicine Vikas Sukhatme, Peter McCullough, George Fareed and Brian Tyson, etc. But this isn’t about me. This should be about the facts and I’m happy to debate anyone from NIH, CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, etc. to challenge me on any of this, but they will not show up at a fair debate. We can even host it live on CNN to make it more interesting. Similarly, what Dean of any US Medical School will debate me? None. Because they can’t use facts to discredit me because I’m telling the truth.

I challenge anyone from the CDC, FDA, NIH, or WHO to debate me live. Nobody will take the challenge because they will lose. Badly. The CDC won’t be able to answer my simple questions. TrialSiteNews verified this independently because they did the debate “ask.” The NIH turned them down instantly with no reason. The WHO didn’t even respond. What are they so afraid of? Isn’t this America where the free exchange of ideas is embraced? Or do we want America to be like China where there is a narrative from the government and everyone must follow the narrative without asking questions. It seems like we are moving to the latter.

If Cliff Lane wants to debate me live, I will expose the corruption live and he will be unable to defend himself because there were a lot of people who also received the email I sent him.

The Gates Foundation knows I’m not kidding about ivermectin and fluvoxamine working. They will not deny it. If they did, their credibility would be toast.

The Fareed and Tyson protocol works and can be verified by hospitalization records independently. Early treatment works and the NIH just doesn’t want you to know that so they make it out like the drugs do nothing by giving them a NEUTRAL rating which has cost countless lives to be lost unnecessarily.

A lot of people told me never to talk to them again after I wrote this article. Virtually all of them are “academics” whose reputations are at stake. If they speak out against me, they will hurt their credibility in the future as sooner or later the truth will come out.

This whole thing didn’t exist until I was on a chance meeting with the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, a group of Canadian doctors who are appalled by what has happened to their profession. If you go on their website, you can get a two page summary of what Dr. Bryram Bridle presented at that meeting. If you register on that site, you will be sent Dr. Bridle’s full 20 page report (lay version for parents in about a week from now); the longer version for scientists is being written now (estimated to be in another week). The CCCA members and Dr. Bridle will debate anyone in the world on the merits of what is presented in Byram’s reports.

After Dr. Bridle presented his results on a popular podcast, someone went to extraordinary lengths to try to discredit him through misinformation via a website and twitter handle. The perpetrator will not reveal his identity and refused my request to debate in an open forum. They like to hide in the shadows. If you want to challenge the doc, show yourself. They are not afraid to debate you, why are you so afraid to debate them?

Mainstream media won’t air this because it goes against their narrative that the vaccine is safe and you should get vaccinated. If they give this story any airtime, it will hurt their credibility for not checking out the facts before promoting the vaccine to the public. If they refuse to give this story airtime, they will be digging themselves even deeper into a hole by compounding their mistake and continuing to promote a false narrative. They should let people know that people can die and be disabled from this vaccine. It is nowhere near as safe as the influenza vaccine, which is given out to the same % of people in the US without any reports of death or disablement. I bet you’ve never heard of anyone dying or being disabled from the influenza vaccine. But ask around and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of people close to you with vaccine horror stories either in your family or your friends.

Early on in this pandemic it was me who was the truth teller saying we have to focus on using repurposed drugs as the fastest, cheapest, and safest way to turn COVID into a “mild cold.” I was right. If you start treatment early enough (ideally within 24 hours of first symptoms or discover earlier via PCR) COVID becomes a very minor cold that ends in about 3 days.

I was right then about the critical importance of repurposed drugs, but it took the NIH over a year to acknowledge that. I’m absolutely confident that I’m right again. And it’s important that you believe me ASAP because while it is too late for me and many of you, the health of your kids is now at stake. I burned a lot of bridges by publishing this article. If I’m wrong nobody will believe me ever again. Why would I trash my credibility? The reason I can be so confident is simple: everything is 100% consistent with what I wrote here: the mechanisms of action are known, the toxicity of the spike protein and the free S1 subunit cannot be denied as it is in the published literature and measured in vaccinated people, the anecdotal stories from my friends, doctors, and others, the fact that other top people are speaking out, the fact that vaccine victims are damaged in a similar way as COVID long-haulers (Dr. Bruce Patterson and Dr. Ram Yogendra).

I don’t believe the people running the CDC or FDA are evil. I think they are absolutely fine people who are simply relying on broken systems for safety signals. The FDA knows it cut corners in approving the drug for EUA without the appropriate toxicology studies. They knew about the biodistribution data. But they just believed the spike protein and the S1 subunit were “harmless” and they never expected that the S1 subunit would break off and become freely circulating. And even today, they think there is no problem because their systems aren’t detecting a problem. They should be spending a lot more time talking to doctors with lots of patients. If they reached out, they’d be horrified by the stories just like I was. They should talk to my carpet cleaner, Tim Damroth and his wife both of whom were disabled from the vaccine. If the vaccine only disables 1 in a million, then I just saw an event that could never happen. Reality eventually wins over the “narrative.”

This is reality. I captured this before Facebook could take it down. Here’s the link to the post. If the link doesn’t work, you can see what Facebook is removing from sight as “misinformation.” If the link does work, then even Facebook censors believe it is legitimate. There were 600 likes and 488 comments. Read all the comments. Those comments are the reality of what people are really thinking; it’s the narrative they don’t want anyone to have. There is no doubt this is vaccine related. It wasn’t 60 seconds before he took the vaccine… it was 60 seconds after. And the docs don’t know if it is vaccine related. This is why the CDC isn’t taking action because this is just a coincidence. Got it?

Facebook post on June 4, 2021 by a concerned mom who had her healthy child harmed by the vaccine. This should never happen. It never happens with the flu vaccine. Even one of these cases is too many. But there are countless horror stories like this one and most are being censored from view by the mainstream media and social networks.

Ask yourself if the vaccine is so safe, then why does Facebook keep removing “Vaccine side effects” groups? Facebook employees are enabling this censorship to happen by not organizing and demanding that their company stop silencing innocent vaccine victims. Since when is it OK to censor facts and truth and civil discussion??

Marc Zuckerberg has no comment on this (he has a lot of money tied up in the vaccine and promised Tony Fauci to remove any content that goes against the false NIH narrative which is probably why when I tried to notify my friends that I’d be on 60 Minutes, Facebook censored my post). Does he support this or not? You have to take a side. This is preposterous and outrageous. Censoring victims of a dangerous vaccine is not in the public interest.

We are literally silencing free speech and nobody in Congress is speaking out about it since it goes against the narrative that the vaccine is safe. Some leaders in Congress will emerge sooner or later. Who will be first to demand the actual names of people who have been killed or disabled so that we can see how much under-reporting is happening? Ask yourself, if this vaccine were as safe as the influenza vaccine, these posts would be rare to non-existent.

Twitter post about Facebook removing vaccine side effect groups. This is one of many. I heard another group was 120K members. There are likely more.

Here’s an email from an ER doc showing why these events can be difficult to attribute to the vaccine. This is why surveying primary care docs is more useful (and asking the % of severe adverse reactions in their vaccinated patients). Ask yourself these two questions: 1. if the doc thought these events were normal, why did he bother to draft the email at all and 2. why is he afraid of retribution for speaking out about what happened? Note the frank comment about the event reports… there is no reward for filling these out and they are a time suck that nobody wants to do. So most of the events don’t get reported. This is why the CDC and FDA never see a “safety signal.”

Some anecdotes for you:

  • xxxxx Hospital in xxx where I work, has 2 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome currently admitted. Both developed within 2-3 days of first vaccine, one in a 40yr old, the other in a 50yr old.

  • We had a 64 year old female smoker die of a massive PE 5-6 days after vaccine. I know for a fact this was not reported as a possible vaccine event, even though I told the physicians I think they should report it.

  • We have had at least 2 DVT’s within a short time after vaccine.

  • A girl in her 20’s with a clotting disorder permanently on Fragmin because of previous PE had another PE after vaccine, but had also been non-compliant with Firagmin for 48 hours, so unclear.

  • I had a lady admitted to me with “sepsis” when I was on the hospitalist service, 16 hours after vaccine. Workup negative for any other cause.

  • I have personally seen three cases of “COVID arm”. Not until the third did I figure out this is not cellulitis and doesn’t need antibiotic treatment.

I am hearing issues from further afield.

This is such a tough issue to sort out statistically because, with the majority of the public being vaccinated, most of these issues are probably unrelated to the vaccine and statistically predictable without it. But having filled out the adverse event form, it is obviously a massive barrier to reporting – 5 pages of blanks and checkboxes. I know at least 2 docs who said “F— it” once they saw the form. Email from a doctor who requested his name be withheld for fear of retribution

I just received this text:

Text message I received on Jun 4, 2021

If you’re still not convinced, or just want to learn more about how the vaccine really works and how you were misled, the rest of this document is to prove to you that everything I’ve said above is accurate and it goes into a lot of detail. That’s why it is so long. It’s a lot to cover when you are up against a false narrative of this magnitude. And this is a work in progress to finish it up and clean it up. But I thought it was important to get this out so people can think it over and make their own informed choice as to what to do.

If you’d like to help me clean this doc up and you have a passion for the mission and enough medical knowledge to understand it all, DM me on Twitter @stkirsch.

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