Should you get vaccinated? (Part 5)

 by Steve Kirsch for TrialSiteNews  

Why are the current COVID vaccines so dangerous

Listen to this excellent 10-minute interview of Byram Bridle for detail, but basically:

  1. PEG enables the lipid nanoparticles to invade the entire body including crossing blood brain barrier. They don’t just stay inside your shoulder.

  2. The mRNA fuses into cells and instructs them to produce the spike protein

  3. The spike protein is not benign as had been assumed. It will attach to the ACE2 receptor in platelets causing them to clump which leads to clotting. It will also attach to blood vessel walls (ACE2 receptors on endothelial cells) causing bleeding. All this damage in turn, creates inflammation which makes things even worse. The blood clots and bleeding cause all sorts of disorders (blindness, inability to speak, numbness, etc) depending on where they are.

  4. The biodistribution safety studies were not done with the actual vaccine (a big no-no). But they showed distribution all over the body, including brain, ovaries, adrenal glands, etc. This will be published in Byram Bridle’s next summary. See Fig below.

  5. What’s even worse is that the dangerous S1 subunit protein doesn’t remain bound to the cell, but can break off and becomes freely circulating (aka free s1 subunit spike protein) as these Harvard researchers measured in vaccinated patients. This increases the damage potential significantly because if the original distribution (from the LNP) was limited in key organs, the free spike is able to reach many more areas. The analogy is delivering a small box of pathogen to the front door of each house in a neighborhood. When you open up the box, instead of the pathogen being expressed on the outside of the house, the pathogen breaks off and is now free to engulf the entire neighborhood (and surrounding neighborhoods) in pathogen (s1 subunit).

  6. This free S1 protein may be transferred via breast milk to infants which then can wreak the same havoc on the child’s body. This is a hypothesis but it would not be surprising to have the spike protein in the breast milk of some lactating women if they were to be vaccinated. Proteins circulating in the blood usually get concentrated in breast milk. Notably, there have been some adverse events reported of infants experiencing bleeding in their gastrointestinal tracts after suckling from mothers who had received a COVID-19 vaccine. This hypothesis would explain it (and afaik is the most likely explanation; is there another?). Byram Bridle’s full paper (not yet available) will go into this further. Incorporating the spike protein into an infant’s immune system will teach the infant that the spike protein is “good” and should not be attacked in the future. This means that if infected in the future, the child may be unable to get rid of the virus, and would have a life-long susceptibility to the virus.
Biodistribution data (Page 1) showing accumulation of drug all over your body, not just in the shoulder. But this was not done with the actual drug.

When you get vaccinated, you start generating the s1 protein inside all your organs. While accumulation outside the injection site is minimal, because it is generated everywhere, including inside your brain, it explains the huge range of side effects.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that people suffering from vaccine side effects have EXACTLY the same biomarker profiles as long-haulers according to the scientists at what I consider the world’s leading COVID long haul clinicThe vaccine is supposed to do no harm and simply prime your immune system. It is not doing this. It is causing damage. There is absolutely no question about that.

See the 2 page summary paper on canadiancovidcarealliance.org for a more detailed description..

So there were 3 major errors:

  1. not removing the PEG from the formulation which would have localized the distribution to the injection site more

  2. assuming the spike protein and s1 subunit were benign (which means the distribution profile is not harmless)

  3. assuming the s1 subunit would remain bound to the cells where the mRNA was delivered. This is not the case as s1 is seen circulating in the blood. This is very problematic: it means that even if you fixed #1, you could still be in trouble since this will likely affect all vaccines.  The S1 subunit appears to be the most toxic part of the virus. This explains the wide range of symptoms people have after receiving the vaccine.

But wait… there’s more! Here’s one explanation for why you get free S1 subunits proposed by Stephanie Seneff (MIT):

But then I think maybe the most disturbing thing to me is they actually modified the code so that it doesn’t produce a normal version of the spike protein. It produces a version that has a couple of prolines in it side by side at the critical place where this spike protein normally would fuse with the cell that it’s infecting. So the spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor once it’s produced by the human cell, according to the vaccine instructions. But it’s a modified version of the spike protein. It has these two prolines that make it very stiff so that it can’t reshape. Normally it would bind to the ACE2 receptor and then it would reshape and go straight into the membrane like a spear. And because of this redesign, it can’t do that so it sits there on the ACE2 receptor exposed.

And of course, this makes it much easier for the antibodies to be produced because I mean it can’t hide its underbelly because it’s been engineered to keep itself open.

Stephanie Seneff, private conversation June 2, 2021

I wrote to Malone to confirm this. He wrote back:

yes, it is locked into a pre-fusion confirmation.

It has a transmembrane anchor added which is supposed to keep it in the membrane of the cell that expresses it after mRNA transfection.

But clearly there is a proteolytic cleavage step that is happening (no surprise) which is cutting it free from the transfected cells.

We know it is being clipped because of the HMS/Brigham paper measuring free spike in the blood of vaccinees.

All of this should have been sorted out before it went into humans.

Email from Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccines

And here’s a favorite reply I saw on Twitter when Susan Gates attempted to attack this article. Susan is a classical singer but hey I just wanted to point that out since she’s mentioned my background. I’m more interested in responding to her argument. She basically resorts to ad hominem attacks since she can’t find anything wrong with my arguments. I love it when they do that… it’s just more confirmation that I’m right on the facts. Thank you Susan! And Susan, we’d love to hear your response to Aaron’s question since obviously you are qualified to discredit me. I’ll post it here.

Finally, for scientific readers, here’s more on the PEG usage courtesy of Robert Malone (that is above my pay grade):

  • The PEG is linked to a short acyl chain, and is there to stabilize the formulation prior to injection.  

  • The PEG disassociates from the lipoplex after injection

  • Yes the synthetic ionizable cationic lipids are a key part of the formulation.  They are what drives (thermodynamically) the coating of the polynucleotide and the overall self-assembly process.

  • Both the PEG and the synthetic cationic lipids (that are added to the nanoparticles to make
    them extremely immunogenic) can be removed. The delivery will not be as efficient, but naked RNA does work.  

Is this true for other vaccines?

Yes. J&J is affected too.  J&J has the same modified version of the spike protein.

Why is the CDC ignoring all these warning signals?

You’d expect that the CDC monitoring would have picked up the myocarditis in kids early and it worked: it did. But interestingly, the Israeli’s who are highly skilled at this and have a much more controlled health system did not. This is interesting because it shows these detection mechanisms can have flaws.

The CDC knew early about this, but as more case reports came in, they issued an advisory about 2 weeks ago.

These events are clearly vaccine related. The myocarditis and pericarditis always happen right after vaccination (within a few days). They are more common after the second dose. This tells you for certain that it is the vaccine that is causing these events; we didn’t just get “lucky.” If it were random, the first dose would be same rate as second dose.

Why isn’t the CDC halting the distribution of the vaccine to kids until the cause is determined so that the vaccine can be “fixed”? They aren’t.

If you ask Byram Bridle, he’ll tell you in seconds exactly why this happens; the narrative we just described fits all the observations.

However, the CDC remains completely baffled even though they have been “working on it” for weeks. I’m sure it will take a while before they do. They will simply remain baffled and just tell docs to treat it.

The reason for this is simple. Even though Bridle’s analysis explains everything, accepting Bridle’s analysis means that they would have to admit they approved a very unsafe vaccine. That would look bad. So better to keep saying “we are looking at it.”

If they are truly baffled, why not make the existing case reports public and reveal their current hypotheses so we can use the brainpower of everyone in the world to find the probable cause? This would be in everyone’s best interest.

In the interim, they should adopt Byram Bridle’s hypothesis since it PERFECTLY FITS ALL THE FACTS until they find a better explanation. That’s the safest thing to do. But finding a second perfect fit… that’s really really unlikely. Therefore, it is very likely Bridle got it right and using that in the interim is the safe thing to do to protect the public.

Why early treatments are so safe

Early treatment using repurposed drugs is the fastest, cheapest, and lowest cost way to end the pandemic. These drugs are safe, effective, and they have a well known safety profile. Ivermectin for example, is one of the safest drugs ever invented.

The earlier you start a protocol, the better. In Mexico, they start people on drugs even before the PCR test comes back. Their hospitals are empty. NEVER NEVER wait for symptoms before starting treatment if you can avoid it (a common mistake doctors make is to only treat if symptomatic; but that can be too late for minimizing the impact).

Viruses are ALWAYS best treated early (just like a fire). Hit early and hard, just as David Ho advised with HIV.

Because Fauci didn’t prioritize outpatient treatment early on and made sure than no repurposed drug gets NIH approval no matter how convincing the evidence is even when nobody in the world can defend these recommendations. Otherwise, if proven he made a huge mistake that cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives, he’d look bad and lose his job.

Congress is still blind to Fauci. They think he walks on water. He doesn’t. When he was given inarguable proof these drugs worked, all we got back was silence. If Congress were to actually question him on this, his position is indefensible (see this article). Cliff Lane knows all the evidence-based medicine requirements for a FOR recommendation have been met.

If we had used early treatments and novel in-patient treatments (adenosine, cyproheptadine, etc; see the videos on TrialSiteNews), the death rate from this virus would be in the low thousands making it far less dangerous than influenza which can kill between 20,000 and 60,000 people a year.

Why you should never get vaccinated if you are immune already

If you’ve had COVID already, there is no quantifiable benefit to getting vaccinated. It’s also more dangerous.

If you are not sure, it is safest to always ScreenB4Vaccine to see if you might already be immune. If so, just say no.

How the CDC has reacted in the past for safety concerns

Here’s the CDC link so you can compare stopping criteria in the past. Can you find any vaccine which was allowed to continue for longer than the current COVID vaccines?

The increased risk was approximately 1 additional case of GBS for every 100,000 people who got the swine flu vaccine. For COVID, as of June 6, 2021, there are 138M fully vaccinated and at least 5,165 deaths. Let’s take off the background deaths and we get 138M/4500 which is at least 1 death for every 30,000 people.

So this is proof that getting GBS is considered 3 times worse than killing people by the CDC. Really?!?! Boy, you really can’t make this stuff up.

The CDC can argue that killing people is OK when COVID would kill more people but that’s because the NIH is suppressing the success of early treatment and Gavi is taking their billion dollars donated to them and spending it on trashing ivermectin. Man, if I had only 1% of the $2.4B that people donated to Gavi, I could have ended the pandemic safety in a fraction of the time. Smart capital allocation can do wonders. But putting all that money and giving it to Gavi to falsely claim ivermectin doesn’t work is absolutely absurd. And if anyone from Gavi wants to debate me, TrialSiteNews will host the live debate. But they won’t because it will not be pretty for them. NOBODY will debate me. I feel lonelier than the Maytag repairman.

Maybe there really is a conspiracy / cover up going on after all: Kristian Andersen, Jeremy Farrar of Wellcome

Professor Kristian G. Andersen is a faculty member at Scripps.

Jeremy Farrar is a British medical researcher and director of the Wellcome Trust since 2013.

Led by Jeremy Farrar, they apparently conspired with Fauci and others to organize the cover up so it would look like COVID came out of nature. It took only 1 week from the time Kristian was first contacted (and believed the virus was man-made) to submitting a paper that the virus originated naturally. Come on. Seriously? There is no possible way you can explain your way out of that one.

It didn’t come out of nature. Fauci funded the research that went astray and caused a worldwide pandemic. And there is only one guy in Congress, Senator Rand Paul, who has figured it out.

Watch Chris Martenson’s excellent take-down video here.

On June 5, 2021, I emailed Jeremy since we’ve talked in the past and offered to introduce him to Chris in order to respond to all the issues Chris raised in his video. Subject line: “Opportunity to set the record straight on the Fauci emails.” No answer.

I would love to have Kristian come on Chris’ show and explain how the paper came about. But it doesn’t look like Kristian wants to talk about it. Chris told me on June 6, 2021, “Kristian Andersen deleted 5,000 tweets and blocked me yesterday… b7A are my new favorite letters and number combo.”

Here’s my question to Kristian: what are they trying to hide and how come no one in Congress is investigating this? Why not set the record straight with Chris?





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